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October 18th, 2006 at 09:36 am

This is a little gem I found a while back. [url]www.restaurant.com[/url]

I was just telling dh if we didn't eat out the rest of the month that maybe we could go out to dinner this weekend for our belated anniversary celebration. He didn't leave much room when he slashed the monthly eating out budget to $30, and I Was planning to go to a $5 buffet this week for lunch.

But I Decided to look up my good old restaurant.com and I Was surprised to see how many new restauarants have been added in recent months.

BAsically you order a gift certificate - most of them are $25 g.c.s that you pay only $10 for. There are a lot of catches, like applies to dinner only (sometimes), doesn't apply to alchohol (fine for us) and the kicker is most of the time a $35 minumum purchase. We found a lot of the time we just ordered more food and paid the same in the end as we would otherwise without all the extra food - so it seems. We weren't really coming out ahead - just fatter and more leftovers - LOL. Though with the kids it would often be big savings if we ordered them a meal, etc.

We haven't used them in a while because only had g.c.s available to a couple of restaurants in our area. But I was looking in the Bay Area since we will be there on saturday and there was a list of restauarants a mile long. We'll have to give it a whirl - splurge on a fancy dinner and maybe stay in the budget...

It is so rare we get out to a movie that is what we originally planned - a matinee hopefully - since we'll have babysitters (family). But dh said he didn't want to waste all that money on a movie. They are all so bad these days anyway. Blech. But I am really impressed with dh. HE is doing his part for sure...

Today he is taking the kids to the zoo and to a local kid park thingy. We have memberships for maybe $30/year each, and believe me we get our use out of them. The only thing is the zoo just got a train and they charge $1/ride/person - even the baby because he is 1 (oh please). So I told him to take some of my cash stash for a train ride. There is no saying no once my son sees that train - he is obsessed. Oh well, the zoo is a good cause. Though I am less likely to go over there lately with that dang train.

& tomorrow they have library preschool storytime.

Ah yes, what a deprived life we lead frugally. LOL. I know people who think it is terrible I do not take them to all of the fancy/expensive places all of the time. I think they are okay...

6 Responses to “Restaurant.com”

  1. JanH Says:

    Sounds like your DH has converted to frugal! Yay!

  2. cashqueen Says:

    Look on current codes.com to see if there are any discounts available for restaurant.com. Typically there are toward the end of the month. A few months ago I got $25 gc (normally would be $10) for 60% off with the discount code. So I paid $4 for a $25 gc.

    OK I looked it up...code 90210 for $50% off. That means your $25 gc becomes only $5. Good luck!

  3. divinemsn Says:

    I use to do this with a bf who hated it. He thought it was tacky and cheap. Needless to say i left him Smile

  4. monkeymama Says:

    Ooooh - even better. Thanks for the tip Cashqueen.

  5. Thrifty Ray Says:

    I looked up our zip code and there is only one restaraunt.. Frown
    I hope your family enjoys their day at the zoo and on the train!! (so fun!)

  6. monkeymama Says:

    You know we live in a pretty big city and we only had 4-5 restaurants signed up a few months back. Much more now, but restaurant.com is probably more of a big city thing... Bummer! KEep checking just in case!!!! Or tell your local restauranteers to sign up!

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