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Cash Stash Update

October 17th, 2006 at 02:20 pm

Cash Stash:

$45.48 cash for 2006
- 1.08 BK Lunch
$44.40 remains

It's going going fast. LOL. It was funny today I was telling my coworkers I Was only spending $1 on lunch so I Wasn't going with them for the gas station lunch. The gas station on the corner actually serves up some fresh food - rice and meat, eggrolls, etc. I have never been. But they invited me and I Asked if there was anything for $1. LOL. Beacuse I was going to BK for my $1 lunch while they had their high-class gas station lunch. Then someone told me if I Waited until 2 or 3, after the lunch crowd, that the gas station cuts its prices in half to clear out the food. My one co-worker apparently stocks up for dinner there almost every day. & they do give you good portions. I will remember that next time hubby is sick or needs a break from cooking duties. Sounds like a good deal overall - and convenient. I think she said $5 for dinner for 2 - really decent servings. Would probably feed us and the kids for $5.

In other news I got my first ebay bid - woohoo. So far it stands at my starting price - 29.99. But to get s bid so fast sounds good to me. We'll see what happens.

Gosh those 4 shirts I was looking at actually ended up going for $18!!!!!! I can do better at the thrift shop without shipping. BUT I am definitely going to put up some of the endless clothes with tags I have. Family has a hard time listening when I say size. They always second guess me. I didn't mind it so much with my older son because I Saved it for future children, and they have gotten well used. But now I am not planning on any more babies. I have given so much away, but if I Can put up 4 dinky shirts for $18 - I am in. LOL. I know for now he has a few cute outfits - 2 pieces or shirts with overalls. They are nice brands too - not like the target brand I Was bidding on. I see more extra income in my future - yippee. Next time instead of grumbling when I get the wrong size I Will turn it into cash, eh?

May be a good thing to put up before christmas too, huh? I was specifically looking for clothes with tags since it would be a gift. Maybe in the next couple of months clothes with tags get an extra premium. Maybe???

1 Responses to “Cash Stash Update”

  1. JanH Says:

    If Hubby doesn't take his lunch or get one provided, he heads to the nearby fast food for a $1 hamburger and that's it. Has other stuff on hand. Great minds think alike!

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