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Cash Stash Update

October 15th, 2006 at 08:33 am

Cash Stash:

$48.73 cash for 2006
- 3.25 Nachos/drink
$45.48 remains

I splurged on a nachos and coke yesterday at birthday party. IT was at a small kids park and I know my nacho weakness so since we have an annual membership it is a place I take the kids often but have taken to not going near lunch time. Or if we do, pack a lunch and have a picnic.

Yesterday was rush and rush and no avoiding the time since it was a birthday party. So I got a nachos and splurged. We also got a slice of pizza for the big kid, but dh put it on credit card.

He was really nitpicking at me. I said dude, as long as this is within the budget, don't nitpick me. I want nachos dammit. LOL. I had my cash stash which is beyond budget anyway. No matter what I was having my nachos. They were only $3.25 and they gave me great joy. Aaaaaaahhhhhh.

Dh really needs to learn to chill on the small things. We were getting into a fight over my pepsi drinking the other day. I honestly read an anti-caffeine book a while back in the hopes of scaring me off of it but all I could grasp was my little 8 oz a day amounted to squat. Plus I find if I can have a little sweet pepsi drink I can resist any other bad foods. So I informed him I Was sick of hearing it. HE could deny me my pepsi, make me miserable, and I would probably eat a lot worse overall. HE just needs to let it go. Gah.

Speaking of all that though, I am pretty pleased this week. Frugality = healthy liestyle in a big sense. I grew up never eating fruits/veggies and I am working hard on this. I was always pretty thin/underweight even and gained 10 pounds with kid #1, 10 pounds with kid #2. The kicker was after I had #2 my hormones then went whacked for a while and I gained anouther 10 pounds. I had to pretty much go on a diet to stop gaininng weight and have been a lot more on track eating better. Junk has been out, fruits & veggies in.

Anyway, hormones got back in whack and the 10 pounds dropped off. But since then not much. I haven't tried much since then but I was pleased that busy tax season when I always gain a token few pounds every year - but this last year I didn't gain a thing even with my whacked out hormones. Anyway, this last month I have been so busy and distracted with money I find myself not thinking about food. It is like replacing one addiction for another. But replacing a bad addiction with a good addiction. It is pretty amazing the results. Being extra frugal with the food as well I dropped one pound this last week.

All I keep thinking is imagined if I exercised and stuff - hehe. I do, but with baby's sleep so out of whack I got out of it. I need to get back into exercising since sleep has been better.

For now I would really like to fit my wedding ring again and my old clothes. I have a bunch of size 14 pants I Can barely squeeze into. Getitng close.

On the flip side I look pretty good in a 12/14 and I don't want to lose too much weight because honestly I don't want to have to buy new clothes. LOL. But I could lose 20 pounds and still fit my clothes I suppose. If I lost 10 pounds I would be pretty happy.

I really look forward to the upcoming busy season - I think it will help keep me distracted from food.

This whole being extra frugal with the groceries thing has gone a long way though to help my healthy eating. IT isn't even so much about the weight at times as just trying to set a good example for my kids. I don't want them to grow up and not know what a fruit or veggie is even like I did.

3 Responses to “Cash Stash Update”

  1. LuxLiving Says:

    no, No, NOOOOOO....The husband acting as food police??? Oh, that would just never do at my house! I'm thinking cooking strike here!!

  2. campfrugal Says:

    Yeh, back off Pepsi Police.

  3. LuckyRobin Says:

    I'm four days free of my Pepsi addiction. I'm hoping it takes this time. It is a hard one to kick, I know. I love the pretty poison myself. When and if you are ever ready to give it up, you will. That's not up to your DH at all.

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