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The Best Toys Money Can Buy - ; )

September 21st, 2006 at 03:09 pm

LOL. I could not resist posting this.

To date these are the kids' favorite toys by far. I know I Said in an earlier post that most of the people I hang around of late do not get any concept other than spoiling their kids rotten. & I am always saying they don't need every little thing their heart desires. Anyway, their favorite toys are case in point I guess, that you don't need to spend a lot of money to keep your kids happy. ; )

I got the shovels and buckets (10 or so buckets in total) for $4 off of ebay. It was probably $12 once you consider shipping, but I needed a bunch of beachy stuff for a beach-themed party. I handed a couple to the kids because I didn't need them all, figuring we'd take them to the park in the future. I can not believe how much they play with those inside the house. My 15-month-old's favorite toys by far!

The tupperware are hand-me-downs from grandma (notice the 70s color scheme) and they are the nicest tupperware pieces I own by far. But this was always a favorite toy for my older son, and now baby is enjoying.

I kicked off my socks yesterday after a walk because it was so hot and baby played with them the rest of the evening.

Oh yeah, and when I was gathering toys for this picture I spotted his little credit card. It was one of those little paper ones you get with the credit card offers. For some reason baby claimed it and thinks it is the best toy ever. I don't know if this means I will have extra trouble teaching him about money, or he will be easy - LOL. It is kind of funny though the way he carries that thing around, almost like a security blanket. It's making me a little scared...

In short, a bucketload of fun for $12.

I also think it is kind of important for the kids to play with toys that are not flashy and electronic - not all the time (believe me they have PLENTY in that category). I don't think we have done as good screening with the baby, have gotten lazy, but it is nice he enjoys some of the non-flashy things. A lot of the time, he prefers them...

6 Responses to “The Best Toys Money Can Buy - ; )”

  1. LuxLiving Says:

    Favorite of my kids when they were little were a bucket of water w/soap bubbles and things to pour into and out of such as pitchers, cups, bowls...all set outside and let them have a go. Another they often had fun with was a bucket of water and a paint brush and they painted the garage w/water. They thought they were having big time fun!

    Mechanical son when he was a bit older had himself a nice collection of Dad's old - very large bolts and nuts. The kid spent hours screwing those nuts on and off those crazy bolts. Must be old enough not to put nuts in mouth though!

    Low/no costs! YEAH!

  2. monkeymama Says:

    Oh yeah - I Come fromk a frugal family so we love the water/paintbrush thing. That is old school - LOL. We will try the soapy bucket thing - they would love it. My son goes to what I Call "old school" preschool and they always do little stuff like that. They play with shaving cream, dirt, sand, and all sorts of stuff.

    My older son would love the nuts and bolts thing - wow. I will talk to the grandpas and see what they have laying around. Great idea. ; ) Thanks!!

  3. JanH Says:

    I didn't like toys that "played" for you. The kids needed to use their imagination and play! We didn't have much growing up but a a doll or two, wagon, an old suitcase, some blankets and dirt roads and fields with cows. Sometimes the creek ran good. Wagon train here we come! Then there was pirates and princesses and .......

  4. reginaastralis Says:

    My daughter is 20 months and her favorite toy is a cheap sand bucket I got for the beach. She likes to wear it on her head ?!!? I don't understand, but she thinks it's the funniest thing in the world. She'll ride her ride on pony with it on, sit down to read books ... she tries to take a bath with it.

    I don't ask questions, I'm just here to supervise.

  5. jodi Says:

    My kids have an old wallet filled with those fake credit cards - great fun for them! They have also been known to walk around with spoons, shoes, pens, calculators, every utensil you can imagine, and even a syrup bottle (which my niece affectionately named "Syrup Boy"). But, boy, what imaginations they have!

  6. Joan.of.the.Arch Says:

    Oh, I'm getting a kick out of your blog and responses. You all are my kind of parents. From 5-8 months, my son's favorite toy was an empty glass beer bottle turned over on its side on the kitchen vinyl floor. He would knock it on one end and make it spin and spin. Spin the bottle! He would do this until we finally distracted him with something else. Fascinated him.

    Anytime I'm headed to one of our city parks with kids, I grab a few containers out of the recycling bin. The playgrounds all have pebbles underfoot and the kids find more ways to play with the pebbles and an assortment of containers. I always bring extra for kids we meet there. A large spoon is good to bring, too. Also I'll cut off the tops of soda bottle to make funnels. That is always a hit. Long, narrow boxes such as spaghetti might be packed in make entertaining pebble chutes, too.

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