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September 16th, 2006 at 03:32 pm

Bummed to admit we went over on our minutes for about 5 straight months. I really have no idea WHY. I look at our phones as an emergency vehicle, not much else. Though I do use often to call long distance.

I am not sure if we had EVER gone over our minutes before this last year.

Anyway, 2 months we went over in a planned manner because we were on vacation and used them out of convenience. At least once we paid extra that month for more plan minutes. Plus both vacations cost $0 to us so we decided more money on the phone was okay. But I have no idea why we have gone over every month since.

We cracked down this last month and I Was shocked to just open our bill and see we were 30 minutes over. That is $12. Blech!! So much for cracking down.

I have a habit of calling my mom whenenever I am out. & from work since it is long distance. Whenever I am home I have pretty much resorted to the land line at only 3 cents/minute. It's nothing really. & from work I ALWAYS call and have her call me right back.

Obviously I called my mom too much from the car this last month!!

This month I will try harder. I think overall I will get back to the emergency mindset and just put the phone down. I bet you all of those calls could have waited until I had gotten home. ; )

2 Responses to “Cell Phone”

  1. ldyfaile Says:

    Who is your cell provider? Do they offer any sort of online account where you can see your minutes used (even if it's just a rough estimate) or do they have a number you can call to check mid month? I find that helps me. I have Verizon and lately I've gone over once, and gotten really close another. I don't need more minutes, I just need to be more aware of the minutes I'm using. With mine it breaks it down between peak/off peak/ IN peak/ IN off peak. The IN calls I can ignore, I have unlimited IN calling (calls to other Verizon customer) so I really only pay attention to the peak minutes used. I even go so far as to figure out how many days are left in the billing cycle, how many minutes it says I have left, and average out how many minutes I can spend per day. Ok perhaps I went a little overboard, but it works! For me at least.

  2. monkeymama Says:

    I do have verizon and do check. Last month I assumed I did good though so didn't check - LOL. I totally use your method down to a T and it failed me - LOL. I really did think I had so many minutes per day the last week (I had checked) and I failed. Probably why I was so shocked I Went over.

    I have issues apparently. LOL. But yeah that reminds me I should put the phone down AND check my minutes often. My hubby shares plan with me, but he was not the problem. But I should keep an eye on both our balances more often, just in case he surprises me in the future.

    Good tips for sure! Thanks!

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