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Thanksgiving Update

November 29th, 2020 at 06:04 pm

I hesitate to even think it but...  I've had a few weeks of calm and peace.  On the work front and the home front.  At work especially, all the problems seem to be peeling away.  It's shaping up to be the dream job that it was on paper.  It just took a rough couple of years to get to this point.

I wouldn't even know where to begin.  Even all the employees who are infinitely in the hospital, are leaving.  Lost a good employee (good for her, took a much better job) and maybe that will make my life harder in the short run.  But most of me is just, "YES!!" as I seem to be moving past this jinx where everyone who works for me is mostly a medical disaster (in addition to just having a dumpster fire life, in general).  It's been completely absurd.  It's very emotionally draining, in addition to infinitely covering for absent employees.  

I think this mostly says it all:  I took Thanksgiving week off of work.  As the time off approached I felt absolutely *shrugs* about it.  Didn't feel that I needed the time off whatsoever.  This is a complete 180 from the time off I took end of September, when I was just starving for some time and space.   That's how quickly things have done a 180.

Unfortunately, Dec/Jan/Feb is my busy season and I am a little overwhelmed by work To-Do lists.  But it's very relative.  A little busy by itself is a breath of fresh air compared to the work drama of the last few years.  (& it's nothing like 'tax season' busy).

On the home/personal front, I think everyone is out of the hospital and no one is waiting for medical results.  *knock on wood*

Thanksgiving was nice.  Just kept it to our household.  MH had the idea to make corned beef and cabbage (soaked in beer in the crockpot).  We made various desserts and appetizers.  The Holiday was probably more reminiscent to my own childhood when it was just my parents, sister and I.  I think MH just doesn't care that much for traditional Thanksgiving food.  We were grateful for the peaceful Holiday at home.

The Instant Pot arrived on Friday and I did a mac & cheese test run.  It was *amazing*.  I've never been able to make good mac & cheese before.  MH was a little less impressed.  By the time you pre-heat and de-pressurize and everything, it probably wasn't any faster than our gas stove.  I can see it wouldn't be worth the hassle for such a quick/simple dish.  But if I can't re-create that on the stove top then it's going to be a Instant Pot dish.  I don't know how much of it was the *right* recipe and how much was the magic of the Instant Pot.  I expect it was more the magic of the Instant Pot.

I am going to make a corn chowder today.  It just looked good and I have all the ingredients on hand.

That reminds me, we made butternut squash soup (crockpot) for dinner last night.  YUM!  

I think this is an attempt of a sum up and a reset.  I'm never going to get around to blogging most of the insanity of the last few years.  But...  Things are calming down a bit and I would like to blog more regularly.  Just not overly optimistic that I will have the time or that life will cooperate.  But mostly I just have to start from today, or it will never happen.

I need to work on the art of the shorter blog post.  😁 


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  1. terri77 Says:

    Happy to hear that things are looking up your way & hopefully, things keep moving in a more positive direction.

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