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June Savings

July 4th, 2019 at 07:20 am

Received $75 bank interest for the month of June.

Snowflakes to Investments:
--Redeemed $42 credit card rewards (cash back) from our gas/grocery card.
--Redeemed $82 cash back on Citi card.
--Redeemed $8 cash back on dining/gas card.

Other snowflakes to investments:
$ 5 Savings from Target Red Card (grocery purchases)

TOTAL: $137 snowflakes to investments

401k Contributions/Match:

Snowball to Savings:
-0- {No side income this month}

Savings (From my paycheck):
+$ 550 to cash (mid-term savings)

Mid-Term Savings (cash saved for non-annual expenses/emergency):
-$ 570 Medical Bills

Short-Term Savings (for non-monthly expenses within the year):
+$1,400 to cash
+$ 503 work reimbursement (for prior expenses)
-$1,315 Vacation Expenses (Yosemite Rental)
-$ 240 School Lunches (for next few months)
-$ 135 MM(15) car tag renewal
-$ 70 Misc.

TOTAL: $1,034 deposited to cash and investments


Last post:

June 1 is it. I've managed to kick the can down the road for 8 months, but it's time to accept my lower salary. Unfortunately, the timing hits with MH's summer off work.

June savings update will be similarly nasty, but without all the extra income. I have a $5,000 credit card bill (May charges) that I paid off the first of June. There was probably about $1,000 that ended up being reimbursed by employer (phew) and most the rest was vacation expenses. Plus some medical bills, school lunches for several months, and DMV/insurance on the kids' car.

I can't remember if I posted, but my work is going to cover my professional fees (very generously) and so I received a check that covered the last 9 months or so. That was completely unexpected. (My professional expenses aren't particularly related to current job). MH also has a very small side income coming in the next couple of months. I am not entirely sure how I will allocate, but it looks like we might end up with a $200 surplus in the July checkbook (July is basically just paying for June bills; I have July pretty locked down). I expect July bills, paid in August, to be a little more out of control. So I will probably just leave the surplus to handle that. If nothing else, our grocery bill is absolutely insane with the kids home for summer. I used to joke that MH would have to get a job to help me feed teen boys, but it's no joke. I am happy to let his side income cover crazy food overages. Our grocery bills still remain #3 of our top 3 expenses (behind health insurance #1 and mortgage #2). But I can see it getting pretty neck and neck with our mortgage. The other thing in July is we have a vacation planned and it's the kids' birthdays. It will be a little crazy, but then the kids are back to school early August.

June went pretty well. It was a very low spend month. Without all the stress and extra income, we just fell back on our old habits (which is living on a shoestring). It's an easy default for us. We spent a few days at camp (expenses paid for). We took the gas car because it is more roomy, but it's good to put *some* miles on the gas car. We will also take the gas car on our Yosemite trip. MH is going to get the oil changed and the A/C recharged before that trip. So yeah, that's some more expenses for July.

Anyway, back to June. We paid for MM's auto insurance, but that will be the last time we pay for that. We are going to gas up his car, get the oil changed, get a car wash, etc., all in prep for his 16th birthday. But for his birthday he will get the bill when we add him to the insurance. So trying to be nice where we can, I guess. We've covered the expenses of the car for the first 6 months, but will pass the baton on his birthday.

MM(15) is doing work for my office this summer. The help is well needed; he's just in the right place at the right time. He will probably make about $2,000 this summer.

My old employer sent me an email offering to pay me double my last pay rate, to help them keep afloat. It was a hard pass. I would say that quitting was important for my marriage. & my health. & my sanity. I've been somewhat grateful the place is such a mess, because it would be hard to turn down the money otherwise. I think all else being equal I would probably keep the tax season work. After a month off, I don't think it would be a big deal to go back on the tax season schedule I am used to (which is only about 10 hours OT for 4 months of the year). The schedule I have had for the past 20 years... It is what I am used to, and the extra money has always been nice. But given the situation, I won't be doing any more work for them. If nothing else, I have a lot of ethical concerns about the current state of things. I have not done any professional work whatsoever since I first quit last fall, but now that it's clear they have no plans whatsoever to fix anything, it's far past time to distance myself even further from the situation.

If I don't get time to post anything else, life is just very difficult right now. *sigh*

3 Responses to “June Savings”

  1. Dido Says:

    Nice contribution to savings, and I hope life begins to feel less hard very soon!

  2. Carol Says:

    So sorry life is hard lately. I hope you have a good Fourth otherwise. And yes, teens eat alot!!

  3. Lucky Robin Says:

    I miss reading your posts. As for the boys, welcome to the bottomless pit years.

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