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Spring Break

April 24th, 2019 at 01:07 pm

Just a quick check in. I noticed that it looked like pictures were working again (but no one mentioned it was fixed).

I did my first spring break in about 20 years. I hadn't realized it was Easter weekend when we booked. So it probably magnified things, but I learned I wasn't missing much. Crazy expensive and kind of crowded. The last couple of times we went to this hotel was around Thanksgiving and we had the place to ourselves. & the weather was better in November. But it's nice to know I haven't missed much.

It was a very well needed break. Certainly no complaints about a relaxing/long weekend. The kids only had one school day off together, so we just took a long weekend off.

I am very cautiously optimistic that things will settle down in the next month or so. Lord knows they have settled down, a ton, but I am still working more than I am used to. I think between that and just being so emotionally exhausted from the last 15 months or so. It will take some time to recover. Hoping for some peace and quiet this summer.

I am only keeping second job through May 12th. So just a few more weeks of "busy". A couple of weeks after that MM will be done with school, he will be a self-sufficient driver next school year, and so my schedule is going to free up significantly over summer.

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