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Computer Update

August 13th, 2017 at 10:53 pm

Post from January:

MH ended up buying me a very small computer. He kept seeing sales in the $100 range. This is an incredible deal if you already have all the accessories. But I haven't had a desktop since I've been displaced by kids. So... $500 later. The motivation was not "minimalism" but I am LOVING it from that standpoint. The computer is about the size of the original roku? (Or how I recall the original roku to have been). It just hangs off the back of the monitor. & I told MH several times that I did not need speakers. He did not believe me, so he ended up getting me a monitor with built-in speakers. So it looks like I just have a monitor/keyboard/mouse. We got it set up in our bedroom, for now. Glad it is so compact, because I might want to move downstairs in the summer.

To be clear, we just put the computer in our bedroom. I just used MM's old desk.

In the end, I have surprisingly not needed to move downstairs. I recall that we *never* used the upstairs A/C until we had kids. Now I remember why. All the cool air (and heat in the winter) seems to float up our bedroom. So it's been okay.

I realized that I never showed any pictures of my tiny computer:

This is the computer, just hanging off the back of the monitor:

2 Responses to “Computer Update”

  1. Out of the Dark Says:

    Love the monkey on the right! Congrats on the computer!

  2. Tabs Says:

    Hmm looks like a Chromebox? If so, he's not kidding. Those things are cheap, and effective. However, it may very well be a window system. For what it's worth, his pick IS very frugal as far as PCs go.

    I personally do not believe in speakers either, although I do have a set to use when the kids are with me and we are watching something together. Otherwise, I use these very inexpensive earbuds (from Panasonic) that costed me like $14. The CRAZY thing is that they sound Amazingly good for what it is; actually better than headphones that costs hundreds more! Also, if I want to crank it up a bit, I won't bother the neighbors. Otherwise, there is no way of getting better sound from any speakers for that low amount of money.

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