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July 31st, 2015 at 07:29 pm

**Dh got our internet bumped from 18mbps to 100mbps. Same price. He saw some promo for "new customers" and called and asked. Which was initially annoying me, but then he reminded me it was probably almost time to call and haggle our bill anyway.

In the meantime, dh may really annoy me when our deal expires in a year. I figured maybe he'd get it out of his system and not find it worth the extra money. But so far everyone in the house is over the moon with the mega fast internet. Then again, dh is too cheap if they triple the price on us. He will only keep it if it is worth it to keep it. So, will see...

Who knows, maybe we can get google or Ting fiber next year?? Big Grin (Probably not, but expecting for cheaper/better options in the long run).

**Speaking of "It never hurts to ask"... BM didn't particularly care for the fitbit (birthday gift) and then it stopped working this week. It was from dh's parents but dh had ordered it and had been reimbursed. He checked online and the return period had closed a few days ago. He called Amazon anyway and they already issued us a complete refund to our credit card. It's Amazon, so I am not surprised. We have 30 days to return it (which I am sure dh already did).

BM hasn't decided how to spend the $80 yet. We will figure something out.

**Our third free month with Ting just closed (I had referrals galore). I noticed when looking at the bill that I had received another referral credit. Woohoho! I almost wonder if it was a mistake because dh never received an e-mail about it. How random!

We probably have two more full free months.


**I am working on some staycation plans to bookend the kids' summer. (We started their summer break with camp and will do some fun things before school starts). Otherwise it's been summer school and medical stuff here. Not a very exciting summer.

I don't want to spend money because our vacation spending was crazy this year (like 4 x our budget) AND I want to save some money for Hawaii!

--I saw that a local pool has an inflatable obstacle course. O.M.G. The cost is similar to the kids' favorite indoor play place, BUT, the adults have to pay at the pool. Which makes it twice as pricey... I think it's worth us all going to check it out. This looks like BM's version of heaven. If they have fun, we can take them one adult at a time in the future.

--We will redeem some free museum tickets from our library (a trick I saw on SA a while back). It will give us some free entertainment and will try something new.

--They are also going to spend a few days with Grandma and hang out with the cousins.


Today concludes our month of CRAZY. Phew!! No more summer school or medical appointments. Dh filled up his gas tank 4 times, we got one free tank of gas, and he said he will probably need gas again Saturday.

I don't know if August will be much better. We are driving to the Bay Area twice and to San Diego as well. But is a lot more "fun driving" than "crazy commuting."


One of our favorite musicians did another "house show". The first two we went to actually ended up being in more like warehouses or businesses and so this time we got the *real* experience. It was in someone's backyard. IT was a potluck but the food was phemonemal. It was SO FUN!

Recipe I need to look up or try to get: salmon cheesecake. It was more of a spread for appetizers (not an actual cake). YUM!

2 Responses to “This & That”

  1. rob62521 Says:

    When I first read salmon cheesecake...then saw you wrote it was spread, not cake. Otherwise...ewwww! Smile

  2. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    A pool with an inflatable obstacle course? How awesome!!

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