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Murphy or No? HUGE Insurance Decrease YAY!

October 25th, 2013 at 01:26 pm

I am not sure if this is really a Murphy thing:

Our car broke down... the garage!

So, was mostly a non-event. (We also noticed during the weekend when we weren't in a hurry and had the second car at our disposal - the carpool situation eliminated any weekday stress while we got the car fixed. Phew)!

I looked over the tires before we got it to the shop and they look fine. So, financially is kind of a wash (was expecting to replace two tires). I will check our maintenance records, but I think they probably only have 40k miles and are fine. Which would explain why the tires looked perfectly fine though we had been on a somewhat "every 2 year replace 2 tires" schedule. Was a good year to take a break since we just replaced van's 4 tires.


I was SHOCKED to see home insurance bill - just got an e-mail copy today.

Down from $900 to $600. Woohoo!!

I googled a bit and saw State Farm reduced rates this year in California. When I get the full paper mail bill I will look over it more carefully.

I don't think we have ever paid that little to insure our home. In 14 years. Not even our condo (since it was in crazy expensive land).

My life insurance also decreased by about 30% this year. I had noticed it seemed lower but didn't look too much into it. Just got a note from my professional association recently that they had way decreased their rates, so I guess that explains that.

Flood insurance went up 20%, which is 100% political. I did not know since can't keep track of all the minutiae, but I googled a bit and saw it should go up 20% per year for five more years, and that the amount this year was correct. (It was supposed to go up 400% a couple of years back, but then I learned we were exempt because we had flood insurance going way back. So, it's just like that. FEMA bills us directly, but the last few years I had to sort out with my insurance agent. It probably wouldn't hurt to check with him this year, though bill actually matched what was reported in news and by Congresswoman. Last two years was all a mess).

I also got property tax bill. Expected decrease due to some bond refinancing. Decrease was about $125. Supposedly more local bonds will follow suit - so that will be awesome. (Total bill increased a bit because home value went up - but county assessed way conservatively like they have been - they can't keep up and I think are just avoiding the time and cost of appeals).

What will I do with large home insurance windfall? Put it to property taxes. Is actually perfect because I wanted to prepay this year. Saved $1500 on vacation and $300 on homeowners insurance, so that mostly covers the extra property tax payment.


Other fiscal successes:

Dh actually succeeded in getting out internet bill down by $15 per month. For a year. PHEW!!! I think I will just throw that to the mortgage as a holding place - it will probably eventually fund a cell phone plan switch.

I also received $250 Citi reward. $250 "check to mortgage" - I just deposited to our bank account.

I am holding my breath and waiting another week to make sure they really and truly accepted the third party check. & that dh's tooth removal goes well. & then I guess I must be crazy because will put the money towards our beach weekend. Third time is the charm? Hopefully this vacation is not ruined.

I do feel more financially relaxed about giving that a go, with the home insurance savings. The $250 citi check will pay for the bulk of our weekend away. IT covers the hotel, and we can work the food and gas into our regular budget.


Other than that, I am just EXHAUSTED! A big deadline kind of week at work. Dh is no longer volunteering in the classroom (which was like a billion hours) and so I volunteered at Fall Festival last weekend. (Exhausting start to week!!). We had an impromptu get together with friends after (at our house). Cleaned house Sunday because the in-laws stopped by. Last night the school had a chili cook off (which was totally awesome by the way) AND we attended a concert. Concert was beyond awesome. & my folks came up for that, so that was fun.

Oh, and a CRAZY busy week at work. I am probably staying home today - I need nothing more than a nice nap!

2 Responses to “Murphy or No? HUGE Insurance Decrease YAY!”

  1. Petunia 100 Says:

    I received my homeowner's renewal a week or so ago, too. My premium is $912. I believe I will give State Farm a call. Smile

  2. creditcardfree Says:

    Nice! Wells Fargo accepted the Citi check with no problem. I don't think they care who makes they payment as long as the check is made out to them.

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