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Fiscal Doings

April 4th, 2013 at 08:44 pm

**Got paid, so paid the mortgage and property taxes. Added $25 to the mortgage (credit card rewards).

With the "big picture" and home prices rising, will probably shift from less mortgage snowballing to more mortgage snowflaking. Snowflaking I am very fine with (and can accomplish a lot over time). But we've only been extra fierce the last couple of years because we were hanging tight to our 20% equity. Now that we have an "easy 50% equity," just not feeling the motivation. Have other more important financial goals. Like maybe actually starting to save for college. Probably a catchall mortgage/college/freedom fund. I like the idea of just doing 50/50 to mortgage/investing, but I think with so many upward pressures on expenses and downward pressures on income for the foreseeable future that we will instead to "lots of saving and investing" and throw some of the entirely unexpected at the mortgage.

**Redeemed $50 credit card rewards to my ROTH - will have another $50 on May 1st.

**Dh is in the middle of an intense study from the focus group company. I turned down an easy $80 because it was like today, and I ignored calls for several others. I just couldn't add one thing to my workload (it's almost the 15th!!! Will be working 7 days this week). {Of course, they haven't called me in ages, but when it rains it pours}. & anyway, dh was busy with his own study, tonight. It's been a big time commitment - maybe 8 hours?? But they will pay him $400 and it all can be done from home. Some kind of study about making dinner. But he had to go to a friend's house to watch them make dinner, which was tonight. I suppose that adds another couple of hours to the mix, the the bulk of it has been doing things he'd do anyway (like make dinner or go to a friend's for dinner).

This reminds me, a co-worker looked at me like I was crazy when I mentioned this study. LOL. I keep thinking that the "Mustachian" mindset is subtle. You can jive with someone really frugal and fiscally conservative 99% of the time, and then something like this and they think you are totally crazy. Co-worker does realize my spouse is unemployed? I understand why she would not consider with her very high income household and with their crazy schedule. But, cut me some slack...

**One problem. Credit card got denied the other day. Turns out a merchant had a security breach and our card issuer was being cautious. Which explains why they hadn't bothered to call me, because it was a wide breach and they changed the numbers on a side swath of credit cards, it seems.

Anyway, since I tried to use the card and called, they told me they would expedite my card replacements. As they had not initially expedited them. I could also keep using the old card until Friday. EXCEPT that when I called the card issuer, they no longer recognized my credit card number. Took forever to find a human to talk to - SO frustrating.

I figured it would straighten out in a few days. It mostly has. But I ordered that wearable sleeping bag for BM. We received it lightning fast, but it's not showing up on my credit card bill at all. Not showing up as pending. Nowhere.

To top it off, now that we got it and got to see the size and see if it works as well as person, I Was ready to buy one for LM. We decided to do child size for him, which is WAY cheaper. SO I just ordered it. Wonder if they will accept my order or if I am on the deadbeat list. Big Grin I will eventually straighten it out. When I called the credit card company they told me it was a "new thing that they hadn't researched yet" so basically couldn't tell me anything. They couldn't tell me if there were fraudulent charges on my card. I wonder if there was some suspicious charges that they just removed. Not usually their M.O. But I am sure something less noticeable could easily be missing from my bill.

Our online backup usually goes through the first of the month and that never came through either. So dh will have to straighten that out. He's got to update our new card # with Hulu and Netflix too. Most the utilities and insurance only take Visa, so it's kind of spread out so it's not a huge headache to update everything. I updated Amazon and our health insurer.

2 Responses to “Fiscal Doings”

  1. Looking Forward Says:

    I would like to do the focus groups. I don't know how to get started.. suppose I could google it hu? Smile

  2. MonkeyMama Says:

    See if there is a focus group company in your area?

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