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Sales + Great Party

July 8th, 2012 at 02:44 pm

I really lucked out with sales this week. We decided on a wheely/outdoorsy toy for BM. Everything of that nature was on Amazon was on sale for like 30%+ off this week. We ended up getting some kind of skateboard (one of the newer types).

I stopped by the grocery store to get cupcake mix and frosting - everything was on sale. Like 60% off. EXCEPT the red velvet cake that LM asked for, but I stocked up on chocolate cake mix and frosting for the future.

Even yesterday I stopped by Walgreens to grab a 2 liter of soda. IT wasn't advertised on sale, so I was extra pleased when it only rung up for $1.25. Big Grin If I knew I would have bought more, but oh well!

I've been on a good sale run lately.


LM's party ended up being perfect! The best part was I really didn't do anything. WE randomly chose a date before school got out, so we could hand out invitations.

Then we showed up. I did slave over some box mix cupcakes. Wink

Cost: $130

I won't get a gold star for frugality, BUT I get a gold star for the *Easiest party ever* and for it being a VERY fun party.

2 lanes/1 hour = $80
Arcade Tokens = $40
Food/Drink - About $10

We had the party in the afternoon to skip the food and drink, but LM and one of his friends both told me they were hungry right off the bat. I figured we also needed soda to wash down the cupcakes, so I got a giant plate of fries and a pitcher of soda. That appeased them for one hour - I was pleased by the size of the fries.

I didn't expect much from the arcade, BUT all of the kids ended up with HUNDREDS of tickets. So they just had a BLAST. Obviously they didn't end up with anywhere near $40 in merchandise! Wink BUT, you know, you go to Chuck E Cheese, you can spend as much and be there all day and never amass more than 50 tickets. I liked that the kids were able to win so many tickets, even if it didn't amount to much in prizes. They just had a BLAST.

It was HOT yesterday and LM got some water guns as gifts, AND so all the neighborhood kids continued the party at our house after - water fight in the yard.

All I kept thinking was that was the easiest birthday party ever. #1 - Not at our house #2 - Not a birthday party package. #3 - Skipping the whole meal thing. I think that part was really key. That was my #1 party rule when the kids were young and we did much more budget birthdays, but had let that slide in recent years. I've done all 3 tactics before, but never all at once??


My favorite gift was my neighbor who gave LM $7 cash for turning $7. I think he really liked it too. You know people always tend to do that for family, but I will remember that in the future for the kids' friends. She kind of got off easy, but it did the job!


If I go with a $200 2-kid party budget, then I have $70 left for BM. I think that is more than ample. The play place he wants to go to costs $7 per kid. I think it will be a lot less kids, and then we will go out for pizza afterward. GOOD pizza, not cheap/crappy stuff. I think I can do that under $70.

Regardless, BM's party will be of the same vein. Show up, and go for pizza afterwards. Easy peasy.


The kids are entering reality. One of LM's reactions to yesterday was, "That's IT!?!" with the gifts. Usually the party is combined, and probably way more chaotic with so many kids. Maybe it was just having a more intimate birthday party that was so nice.

Yes LM, $7 a couple of water guns, a puzzle and a board game. That is IT! When I think back to my birthdays, that is QUITE a haul if you ask me. Big Grin

BM also had a hard time learning that it wasn't about him this time and that he had to watch his brother get gifts while he got none. I honestly thought someone would not read the invitation carefully and would bring him a gift anyway, since historically we have always combined their party, but that didn't happen. Since he is older and having a much more modest birthday he will have to get over it. As dh told him, "Like all his toys aren't yours to play with too." I think they will survive. Wink

Separating the parties did significantly cut down the number of gifts as we won't invite all the same kids to both parties. Likewise, some people feel obligated to buy both kids' gifts, even if I told them they weren't or only put one child's name on the invitation.

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  1. creditcardfree Says:

    Sounds like a great party! I've found there are just a few years that the girls liked a party out somewhere. After that they like to have their friends at our house for a sleepover. Much cheaper, but no regrets on spending a bit more for some of those parties in the past either.

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