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Insurance Update

February 22nd, 2012 at 02:50 pm

**Holy cow, my auto insurance went DOWN about 15%. Due to reporting mileage and paying on a tiered mileage scale. We last paid dh's insurance after a few big driving trips, so I expect his to go down in July, too. In fact, I just commented how low our driving was right now. At least the less driving will pay off.

**I got my insurance rebate yesterday and just put it to last month's expenses. My shortfall is still something like $150, but I can live with that, and think we will make it up this month anyway.

I get an annual rebate on my life insurance and disability insurance through my professional association.

This makes my net cost as follows:

$43 annually for $200,000 life insurance
$184 annually for disability insurance ($4000/month benefit)

Of course, the true picture is that my professional association dues are $600/year, BUT my employers have always paid those.

So, I am thinking I will increase the life insurance coverage next round.

**On the life insurance, I have also considered applying for a new 30-year term. I am happy with dh's life insurance and he can probably no longer insure at a good rate (brain tumor and all). The thing about our insurance is we both have a $500,000 term that we got *dirt cheap* in our 20s. (About $20/month for each of us). Since we were both working and not relying on each other financially, we got it with the kids in mind. IT was never really meant for each other, though it would certainly be helpful and make up loss of income if something happened to one of us.

But, life has changed drastically since those times. My wage has skyrocketed and dh seems mostly unemployable. I bought the $200k policy as a supplement when he was home with the kids - and my income was about half so it covered many years of wages - it renews annually. At this point, it would pay off the mortgage and the $500k would give him time to get back into the workforce. I think he will be fine. But I am starting to think in terms of "what if he never works again?" I think we are under-insured in that scenario. But there are also a lot of other factors where I don't think it matters. So, what I need is some real solid quotes to make an informed decision. IT will certainly be cheaper to lock in now, and better while we have most our health still.

**I can't remember if I mentioned, but my disability insurance went up a ton because I turned 35. It might have been $130 last year.

**I've been getting intense marketing for a long-term care plan through my professional association. Um, not buying that so young. No thanks! BUT, it is interesting to know I have the option. I am sure it will be far cheaper than anything else I can get. The insurance products are of high quality and so I am pleased. I don't have any "benefits" to speak of through my job, so this seriously helps make up for it.


ETA: I got some quotes and life insurance prices have doubled from what we currently have. So I will definitely *not* replace my current long-term policy. I will consider applying for an additional policy - going with another company to hedge my bets a bit. But might as well keep the "dirt cheap" on our first $500k of coverage.

4 Responses to “Insurance Update”

  1. Looking Forward Says:

    Re: term life. I have been trying to find something reasonable. But, blah! Nothing under $100+/mo for $500k benefit. Do you mind sharing who you have coverage thru?

  2. MonkeyMama Says:

    Lincoln - but it's only so cheap because we got it a while ago and were so young when we got it (I think we bought when rates were lowest in general, and our health and age gave us a triple whammy on the price).

    I got quotes for $40/month or so from all the big companies today - I was looking at TransAmerica and Prudential because they had high ratings. Mind you, was just a precursory look - I will research more. These are the "super healthy" rates that people rarely get but I am optimistic since last time I applied I was several months pregnant but got the highest health rating anyway. I'd hope I could score better today... (No big health issues, but I felt terrible and my blood sugar was always too high or too low, anemia, and slightly elevated blood pressure).

    Lincoln is a good company. I got the policy through Allstate.

    {I think State Farm mailed me some insane quote that was several times what we currently pay. Like they were trying to entice me? So I guess it does depend on the company}.

  3. MonkeyMama Says:

    P.S. State Farm quoted me $40/month too. I just checked out of curiosity. Granted, I think I saw $34/month at some of the others, so won't go with them.

  4. Looking Forward Says:

    Thanks! Smile

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