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Friday Doings

January 13th, 2012 at 06:40 pm

**Work is crazy. That's all there is to that. Really feeling the crunch of the employee who moved away a few months back. Will be a LONG tax season. (For now it's all the easy/good stuff and I am refreshed so I don't care that much, but panic mode is starting to set in for 1/31 deadlines. Haven't done one thing for 1/31 deadlines thinks to problems and demanding clients. Since it is the 13th, I am freaking out a bit about that. Won't do any tax returns until February, which just become a huge time suck and will be more stressful).

Oh yeah, and we got a new scanner/copier that no one knew how to work. Just ANNOYED. We had a training on it today. It was installed Monday. Yeah... At least I figured out what I needed to. Eventually.

The kids came by my office Wednesday since I was taking them to meet friends for dinner. BM commented to me, "You are the youngest one here!" I am surprised he noticed because my one co-worker is 10 years my senior, but I am sure she looks closer to my age. That said, I think I look pretty young. So if she looks young, I look way younger?

Anyway, being young has its advantage when trying to figure out how to work new equipment. That said, I think I lost more time helping everyone else with all their computer problems this week (we also got new computers - no idea whose brilliant idea that was. November would have been 1000 times better for all new equipment).

**Along the same lines, I am sinking into disorganization since I haven't had 5 minutes to clear off my desk.

Interestingly, I got a $30 refund from my HMO. No explanation. Rolleyes Which reminds me I was expecting a $40 refund and I was going to call and complain about my bill (which I believe should be $0, and is probably due any day). To say I should be refunded $40. I forget how much the bill was for. It's sitting on my desk at work, probably under a pile of papers.

So yeah. I have no idea what to make of this $30 refund. No explanation. Lord knows when I will find time or remember to call and ask about it. I suppose I could have dh take care of it - I probably should.

This whole thing has been so annoying, and thankfully pretty unusual.

**Got an e-mail from CU that no-point 30-year mortgage rate sunk down to 3.875% today. Holy Cow!

Being risk adverse, I am perfectly content with my locked in 4% rate. Frankly, I don't think I have ever refied where rates dropped lower in the middle of my refinance. So, no regrets or anything. It is just shocking!! & then I think, "maybe if my rate lock expires it is not a bad thing!" Big Grin

**Today I paid the credit card off (Main AmEx) because I get paid Monday. I also paid off Visa (charged a lot of insurance on that one the past month). By the time those clear I should have my paycheck. Am maintaining a certain balance available until refi closes (for refi costs). Which is why I paid before paycheck deposit, but not any sooner though I have tons of cash available. I usually run my checking account to $0 - just using it as a conduit.

While in limbo with the refi, I had already paid the mortgage through end of February, and have not transferred any ROTH contributions out of checking.

I've got 4 bills to pay around the 1st (next paycheck) - $300 or so? - and that is about it. Paycheck on the 1st usually goes 90% to savings and retirement. I will of course hold off on all that until this shakes out.

Once refi closes I can do all my ROTH transfers, savings transfers and so on.

It's not like I pay a lot of bills anyway (outside credit card) but it's weird to have nothing to pay or transfer for the next 18 days or so. Credit cards paid off on the early side. No mortgage due.
It's nice to be back to 3 credit cards (AmEx for best rewards, Visa for places that don't take AmEx, and Target card for 5% off). I have been juggling a lot MORE cards for a long time.

Still waiting for my AmEx reward. Unfortunately, it's only in my name and I will have to follow up on that one next week. Thankfully I can probably just send a quick e-mail. Once I get those rewards I can close that last extra card!

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