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Credit Card Rewards Update

November 15th, 2011 at 08:15 pm

2 Snafus today on the credit cards.

#1 - American Express Gold Premier - what a racket! First, they left the credit card at my front door. Literally. Dh said, "My you got quite the package today!" I said, "Um, aren't those our gift cards?" I thought they were our Southwest gift cards. HE looked appalled and said, "I hope not! They just left it at the front door." (They = UPS)

Even better - they left a credit card on my front door! Rolleyes

Plus it came with this big bound book detailing many rewards. It was gold. I told dh I suppose I was supposed to leave that laying around to show how special I was with my premier rewards card.

Then I couldn't find the credit limit, so I finally realized there is no "pre-set" limit. Which is basically a pile of BS. I googled that out of curiosity. Really? No limit. Apparently they just randomly change the limit whenever they want. It's just not *set.* (I saw lots of rants online about how aggravating that whole thing is - since there really is a limit, it's just no one knows what it is until they get denied).

Of course this is just the *you have got to be kidding me* parts of it all.

So I go online to charge my $1000 and be done. But, apparently State Farm doesn't take American Express. Small Details!!! Problem is our flood insurance used to be through State Farm, but I think it is now directly through FEMA. So I did thoroughly check that the flood insurance could be paid with AmEx, and just assumed it would be okay for the rest of our insurance.

(IT's such a bummer since we get 2% back on our primary AmEx - can't use that one either!!)

I'll have to charge the flood insurance and one month health insurance, for reward. I already prepaid one month health insurance, so shouldn't pay again until December. BUT, I want to kill this card, so more pre-payments. It's just one more thing to remember/juggle. Anyway, I have nothing else to charge, so this is what it is.

(I wonder if my health insurer wonders why I use a different credit card every single month, lately. HA! I could online imagine what my CU thinks about my endless credit card bill additions and deletions in "online bill pay," too).

#2 - I decided to pass on the PenFed $200 reward. First, you have to apply to be a PenFed CU member. Not sure if we would qualify. Plus, then we have to close the card AND end the membership when we are done. Secondly, the rewards weren't very good. Nothing we would spend otherwise (gift cards) or could sell for very much cash. For $200 cash? Sure. I'd go through with it. But for $200 in restaurant gift cards? Eh. I'll check with dh to be sure - the offer is in his name. But I am personally not feeling this one. (No huge loss - I am sure there will be more credit card offers on their way!)


Er, since I can't charge my home insurance for rewards, and it's not due until late December, it is now a bill I can pass off to next year. It will add about $1,000 to my bottom line. Big Grin

It's cheating, but it works. I have some dream at some point to have an extra one month of expenses in cash. Since I do tend to pay last month's bills this month. More so every year as credit cards are more widely accepted. IT just is what it is. All it means is I will have some extra cash for my net worth, come 12/31/11.


In other news, dh was able to get 25 hours at the big Scholastic Sale this winter. (Will earn $250 in Scholastic books). I am assuming $100 for us, $50 for each teacher, and $50 for the school. Just because dh usually keeps about one day's work ($80) for Christmas shopping. Of course, last time we gave BM's teacher a $80 voucher, I think he bought a bazillion books. It's like earning $1000 in books, or more.

So, more free stuff there. Free stuff; free charity.

2 Responses to “Credit Card Rewards Update”

  1. Amber Says:

    Way to go on you Scholastic rewards and sorry to hear about your CC trouble

  2. frugaltexan75 Says:

    Good thing nobody was walking by your door today ...

    I'd so love to go to one of those Scholastic Warehouses ... the closest one is nearly two hours away now ... (and of course only open on Saturday, which doesn't work for me.)

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