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Weekend Doings

November 12th, 2011 at 07:10 pm

Geez, where did the day go???

**The heat challenge has been interesting. It has been very cold, but the house has not dropped below 60 degrees. The boys in my house could care less about the cold - I only find the weekends challenging (when home all day). Anyway, with the cold weather, I expected the temp to drop below 60, inside. But it hasn't. It's hard to get across the energy efficiency of our house, and how little we actually rely on the heat system. The house regulates the temperature pretty well. I think it does so more easily in the winter than the summer. Our summer heat is far more extreme than our winters.

Anyway, it's been pretty warm today. A beautiful/sunny day! I checked the weather website and we are back up to average fall temperatures. About 45 at night and 65 during the day. I think one reason the temp does not drop much in our house in fall is largely due to harnessing heat from the sun. It's been sunny - the house won't get any colder than 60-66.

What's interesting is we have had several nights in the 30-degree range. So I think it is interesting that the house hasn't gotten any colder. But maybe we have had just enough sun. Winter brings both colder temps and less sun, in comparison.

At these temps, there is no challenge this weekend. The heat will stay off. I am thinking of sticking it out until the house gets to 59 degrees. I wonder if it ever will... (I do generally get more wimpy in real winter, so will see. If you think 60 degrees is crazy, I'd generally agree in January. But for being a little wimpy last Saturday, the cold has not bothered me at all. I also seem less sensitive to the cold as each year passes).


Okay, enough about the weather!!

**I made an impulse online Target purchase yesterday. Ooooh, I knew that free shipping RedCard would be evil! But, not too bad. Dh threw away an old blanket that was just falling apart. One of those vellux blankets? I looked online just to see if I could replace it cheaply. I lucked out. $12.99 at Target. Free Shipping. Done and shipped already. Too easy! (Blanket was maybe 12 years old, but I think problem is dh didn't wash it properly. Figured I would try again - I do love those soft blankets!)

**While at it, I told dh the one on our bed was also kid of sad. Certainly not "throw it away" or "replace it today" sad, but I added it to my wish list. King size vellux.

I also added a sleep mat, for camping to the list. The one I got last year sucked. I am trying again. I am a pretty picky sleeper since we have such a marvelous mattress. Must be the down side to having such an awesome bed. I generally sleep VERY well, but can't sleep well anywhere else. Frown I keep trying though. There's got to be a better option for camping. I don't want an air mattress - anything super bulky or loud to inflate.

**Dh got a credit card offer today. PenFed American Express - $200 reward for spending $650?

We are applying for it.

Dh told me, "This is starting to sound way too good to be true. Are you sure?"

*Starting*? "Starting to sound?" I assured him that the credit card companies are hoping we keep the cards open a long time and forget to pay our balances, or find ourselves unable to. I said the odds are against us. We are just too *weird.*

This would put our rewards to $4200 for the calendar year. Big Grin

5 Responses to “Weekend Doings”

  1. patientsaver Says:

    I really don't understand the logic though. On the one hand, most credit card companies require you to have excellent credit in order to qualify for the card, but then they hope you won't pay your full balance up each month? The initial requirement and the subsequent behavior seem at odds with each other.

    I should point out, though that credit card companies still make money on customers who pay in full each month, vis a vis the interchange exchange fees they charge retailers for the privilege of accepting their card.

  2. MonkeyMama Says:

    Yes, and we are totally undesirable card users because we don't use these cards at all. Only long enough to get the rewards. So, they lose money with us. I mean, Chase handed me $1000 cash to spend something like $1500. They might have made $45 (3%?) and lost $1000. I don't know what deals some of these companies get on gift cards, but cash is cash! Anyway, why I said they want us to "keep the cards a long time" as well as "run up balances." Either/or would be in their interest.

    But they seem content to KEEP TRYING to win us over for the long run.

  3. Looking Forward Says:

    Them's some juicy rewards!!! Big Grin

  4. patientsaver Says:

    So I forgot, did you say you usually cancel the cards as soon as you get the rewards? I haven't cancelled my Chase Freedom yet, tho i got the reward. It seems like a pretty good card, and as long as my credit looks fine.... Smile

  5. MonkeyMama Says:

    @PatientSaver - Yes - I am closing all of these cards. I don't keep cards that I am not using on a regular basis or need for some purpose. (IT would be way too much to manage. Dormant cards still have their terms changed and are open to fraudulent use. Closing the cards eliminates these type surprises. I personally have no desire to read the fine print every time one of these credit cards companies changes some term).

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