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August 25th, 2010 at 09:41 pm

I guess Murphy is here to stay for a while longer. It's been forever? Rolleyes

Another couple of thousand of dental bill, for the kid.

One cracked filling, which I am not thrilled about. Have to look into that one more. (He grinds his teeth? Fine, but I grind my teeth like crazy, and I have some pretty ancient fillings. I wish my dentist would touch him with a ten foot pole. He just refuses to do fillings on kids, though BM doesn't even mind it. That's the only good thing. Or maybe it's bad because he doesn't have a real fear of cavities).

One or 2 new cavities. Rolleyes

Some preventitive work. He finally has 3 molars ready for sealant. (Not that it matters - that's not his cavity problem. But, maybe it will help). They don't bother with the baby teeth. Which is probably fine since not where his cavities are, as I mentioned.

Some more teeth pulled and a retainer. I wouldn't even bother with a second opinion. I know these dentists are good and honest (unlike most I have ever seen), and this is the story of my life. This is why I have been trying to save, well ahead, for orthodontia. I can only blame my genes. & as dh said, they aren't making any money pulling teeth and giving him a retainer. The whole cavity thing was diagnosed by my forever dentist, in the first place.

It is what it is.

We have to be a little better about his hygiene. So we have to treat his teeth like a third child or something - so be it. We know better, but it all kind of fell by the wayside since dh's surgery. Been preoccupied and then got out of our elaborate oral hygiene routine.


The silver lining is that LM has perfect teeth, like usual. HE is low maintenance, like the rest of us. Cavity wise, anyway. He will probably have horrendous orthodontia bills. But, without losing any teeth yet, he's cheap I guess. Until then...

These dentists are being a little more proactive than mine was a few decades ago. So, I can only hope that helps a little bit with future orthodontia work. I had a LOT of teeth pulled, but nothing like a retainer, so young. Will cross my fingers that it helps.

Here's to better news tomorrow.


Dh is being all whimpy about his car A/C. I told him I would drive the flipping thing then. Rolleyes I don't think it's an expensive fix, but I could just care less about it right now. Money is flying out the window! I think I rather sweat.

3 Responses to “Ugh!”

  1. whitestripe Says:

    lol - I am like that too, would rather put up with something for a while than having to go to all the effort of organising to fix it, getting it fixed, and paying for it. on the plus side, DF is usually like that too Big Grin probably explains why didn't fix our stove and oven for 8 months, and why the tv we're using in our loungeroom is a quarter of the size of our normal one - (before it broke, and we had to use our guestroom 'spare' tv). *sigh*

  2. monkeymama Says:

    I think mostly I imagined it would be ten times worse when the AC went out last year, but it wasn't so bad. So I feel rather "eh" about it. While dh is being super whimpy - which is unusual for him.

  3. homebody Says:

    My first car purchased in 1978 had no air conditioning. One trip to Redding with two babies in car seats, asleep, half naked and red from the heat was enough for me to say never again! Some people tolerate the heat better. Maybe DH is not one of them?

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