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Jinxed It

August 24th, 2010 at 11:56 pm

I've probably said before, but we have never had AC problems before getting newer vehicles. There was one year where I swear just about everyone I knew, who was too proud to buy a used car, or keep a car more than a few years, were all without AC and couldn't afford to fix the AC in their cars. So, you know, you just have to roll your eyes when everyone looks down at your older car choice, but all you know is you have never had to live without AC in your car while it was 110 degrees outside.

So, dh's AC went out last summer. (2001 vehicle - by far one of our newest vehicles). This would be the first AC issue for either of us, in 16 years of car ownership. The mechanic said it was nothing and just recharged the AC. So, no biggie.

It's been about a year. So, Sunday I was driving somewhere and the AC stopped blowing ice cold. I noticed the car starting getting kind of muggy. I kind of shrugged to myself, because it has been unusually cool. I just thought, "Well, it's the end of August, whatever." I can put that one off for quite a few months! Phew.

Of course, the thought did cross my mind that September could be hotter than Hades. Have seen that predicted by the weather experts.

BUT, as quickly as it had stopped working, it kicked back on - ice cold air. Double phew!

I did mention it to dh.

So, today is apparently 106F degrees. {Ironically, the weather forecast says 75F degrees for Sat/Sun. 75F! This is absurd. 106F is a pretty normal summer day for Sacramento}.

So I was talking to dh at some point today, and he tells me, "You are so lucky you didn't drive my car today. It's a million degrees outside and the AC stopped working!"

Aw, crap.

I was going to drive his car today, but he really prefers to drive his car, and he had an errand to run for ME today. I told him if he also got his oil changed, I'd leave him his car. Good move, I suppose. Of course, he wouldn't have had to gone anywhere if not working on my honey do list. Poor guy.

I'm still leaning on ignoring it until next spring. But if September ends up Hotter than Hades, we may change our minds. Honestly, during that summer when everyone's AC was broken I was just, "O.M.G." I think it can be pretty unsafe to be driving around in a hot car when it is well over 100F degrees. With small kids!?! When dh's AC was out I kept an ice cold water bottle with me at all times. I'd just carry a water bottle everywhere and stick it in the freezer between trips. It worked okay, but I Am sure it would be quite easy to get heat stroke if you are not careful.

Anyway, time to break out the old freezer water bottle trick... According to the weather forecast, it is smooth sailing the next 10 days anyway. A whole whopping 75F degrees and all. I can only cross my fingers that September will be normal-ish.

4 Responses to “Jinxed It”

  1. rob62521 Says:

    Hope it stays cool for you.

    My van had a/c problems last spring...too old for warranty, but there appeared to be a secret warranty that covered it...we just had to pay for the labor to find the leak. We paid $150 for a problem that would have resulted in a $1000 repair.

  2. Thrifty Ray Says:

    Ugh...what a dreadful time to be without AC. For many reasons, I hope this weather 'milds-up' soon....105 is just no fun.

  3. Looking Forward Says:

    My a/c was working but making a funny noise about three + years ago. We had it looked at and the mechanic said the compressor would need to be changed soon. To stop the noise we took the belt off. Then I lost the belt somewhere Rolleyes Oops. Long story short no a/c in the Pathfinder, but it DOES work if I could put the belt back on. Most days it's no problem. When it's really hot, and now with the baby, I just take the truck which has great a/c.

  4. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    Ugh! I remember the summer the a/c stopped working in my car ...

    Hope the weather is cool for you until Spring!

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