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Little Financial Updates

July 21st, 2009 at 01:45 am

**The newspaper tried to bill me June through June, though I already paid for a full year through August. I mentioned a while ago.

Dh called and they said their prices went up, and so with the price change, I was only paid through June.

Seriously? Why do they think people PREPAY?

Of course, dh said they were very nice and didn't fight him on it at all. They said they would reflect our bill paid through August. Took a while, but I finally got the corrected bill today (I got an overdue notice sometime in the interim - but glad we hadn't bothered calling back yet).

We may switch to weekend paper. They stopped offering it for a while. But I have seen advertisements and they told dh we could switch back to weekends. Will prepay the year, of course. PRices rising astronomically. Dh loves his paper though. It's been hard talking him back into weekend paper only - it's all we ever wanted in the first place.


**Today I got a notice from Chase that they are increasing my grace period from 20 days to 25 days. I could care less either way. 20? 25? What difference does it make (to me?). But isn't that nice of them? Wink

2 Responses to “Little Financial Updates”

  1. whitestripe Says:

    i got three months worth of daily newspapers from the real estate we bought the house through - but i comepletely forgot til reading your post. seeing as we bought it back in feb-mar, i dare say it's expired by now Frown

  2. gamecock43 Says:

    I feel bad for newspapers these days. They are so close to extinction. Even knowing all that I still don't read the paper.

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