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Annual Renewals & Other Tidbits

June 23rd, 2009 at 05:27 pm

I had an interesting surprise today. I had put off paying the newspaper subscription, hoping I could talk dh out of it. (No such luck!)

It is due in a couple of days so I figured I might as well pay it. I just pay annually since it is the cheapest option (as with everything, really).

I was in Quicken, scrolling through last June, trying to figure out how much the price had gone up. I tend to just set things to pay on the due date. But I couldn't find the payment in our checking account though I was SURE we paid with online bill pay. Checked the credit card in case - still couldn't find it. Finally sorted by "name" and found a payment in August. & the few Augusts prior.

Um, okay?

I went to dig out the last bill, and sure enough, we had last paid for August 2008 - August 2009.

Guess what this bill was for...

June 2009 - June 2010.


I am not sure I would have noticed but for Quicken. I have said a million times Quicken recoups its cost very quickly. This is just another example.

What was the markup for this year? 35%. $111 to $150. Plus they tried to double bill us for TWO MONTHS.

Dh will call them and take care of it. I am not so concerned about the due date any more. Since we are paid through AUGUST!

I am making a mental note to check the date on last payment for all annual renewals. Tricky!!!!!!!

& this is why I love having a stay at home spouse. I swear he spends half his time on the phone anymore. Ugh!


The weight loss is sort of going.

My pants waist has not shrunk a mili-inch, nor have I lost a mili-pound. (It's been about TWO weeks, and admittedly, for vacation we probably ate too much). BUT yesterday I scored progress.

I had been wearing a sweater (AC freezing me out at work) and took it off when I rushed home briefly before carting kids around in the evening. The shirt I had on underneath, lord knows the last time I felt comfortable wearing it alone.

As my clothes have been getting a little tight, I had no idea what I Would wear. I refuse on many levels to buy bigger clothes. So I am stuck with an extremely limited wardrobe for now. How's that for motivation?

I threw on my jeans while I pondered what the heck I would wear out in the heat. & I caught a glimpse in the mirror and thought, "Huh - I look damn good." Good enough for me - I was in a hurry. (I was sure it was just my mood or something).

Dh sealed the deal because when I got home he looked at me and asked if I had lost weight. "Not even half a pound," I replied. "These are my fat jeans. But I did think I looked good today, in this outfit." Apparently he agreed.

This morning I got the tape measure out on a whim. I lost an inch around my ribs (pretty much the skinniest part of my body as is - figures. Like, did I really have fat there?). & apparently 2-3 inches around my hips since I last measured. Holy Cow!

I am not used to my middle holding up my jeans, but probably the case for now. My issue is with this post-baby, stubborn, belly fat. Bah to it. But I think at this rate it stands little chance - muahahaha.


LM did SO awesome on his swim lesson yesterday. No complaints and he showed no fear. Mommy was so proud. (Although thinking, who is this kid???? Glad we took the plunge and signed him up).

I think the magic factor is "wanting to be like big brother." Though that doesn't seem to work much with trying new things, usually...

BM did pretty awesome as well. He is learning the breast stroke. Dog paddling is gone (apparently, he just needed goggles). So yeah, I need to buy him some goggles.

1 Responses to “Annual Renewals & Other Tidbits”

  1. frugaltexan75 Says:

    Congrats on the inches lost. Big Grin

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