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Vacation Priorities

May 29th, 2009 at 11:31 pm

Well, I am not totally crazy. I am NOT a big vacation person, overall, because usually vacation is expensive. I am not a fan of spending a lot of money on a fleeting experience. I've said it many times, and I stand by it.

That being said, these low vacation prices are enticing.

I am a little more enticed by this Florida thing now because the airfare is so extremely reasonable (cheap).

I still REALLY want to go to Hawaii, but the discount just isn't really there. We are looking at airfare more expensive than the last time we went. I just heard a report the other day that Hawaiian hotels were offering more amenities, like use of a Wii for a week, or complimentary coffee. Sorry, that ain't going to do it for me! LOL. Regardless, we have a free room anyway. But yeah, we need more than that. They said hotels were resistant to lowering rates because it would be harder to raise them again. Fair enough, but it's just not going to sell people like us.

The Alaskan cruise post reminded me though, I have been seeing some insane deals on Alaskan cruises. I guess that's another industry that has been pretty hard hit. I was looking into it recently. (More on a whim than anything). We could drive up to Washington and set sail from there. The expensive part for us is we literally have no warm clothes. Wink

So basically, as much as I would love to go to HAwaii, we may end up doing Florida, Colorado and Alaska instead. What the heck. Big Grin

Well, we need to prioritize. But with deals like these, places like Florida and Alaska make take priority in our near future vacation plans. Which were simply "no plans" before... We really had no near term vacation plans before - but to vacation in state, go camping, do some 3-day weekends and staycations, etc. The thing is we can go to Florida or Alaska on our existing bare bones vacation budget. Well, I am in then!

I guess that's the other thing - it's not that I never want to go on vacation. I am just good with something exciting once every few years. That's plenty for me. Alaska Cruise is on our "short list" of things we would like to do, eventually, some day. The time has maybe arrived sooner than expected.

We may have to resort to drawing vacation destinations out of a hat though. Too much to decide!

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  1. broken arrow Says:

    Not really related, but when I saw this article, I thought of your hubby.

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