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Anniversaries & A JINX

April 20th, 2009 at 05:28 pm

It just occured to me all the vacations that are coming up in the next year, for us.

10-year anniversary from college grad is next month. Holy cow!!!! Where did the time go?

Which means we are coming up on 10 years of home ownership (January) and 10 years of marriage (Fall 2010).

Anyway, before I continue I just had to say I just put a lengthy comment on someone's blog about why I do not particularly care for traveling. But there is ONE exception to this rule. Hawaii! I LOVE Hawaii.

(I am sitting here pondering this and I think I get a glimpse into my psychology. I am simply not extremely adventurous. If I find something I like, I stick with it. I am not going to waste a lot of money going to somewhere I have never been and not liking it. Maybe that is some of it).

So yeah, though I have no travel goals in particular, in the back of my head I have made a mental note that we should go to Hawaii if we can score a good airfare deal (not that hard from the west coast). So I perused ticket prices around April 15th, as I daydreamed about what to do with tax season being over. & I did find decent tickets!

But next year we can probably get a free condo (relative timeshare - it's being used this year).

& it occured to me next year is our anniversary!!!!!

OF course I rather go in May. May will be our 15-year anniversary of actually meeting, so even better. I'd go in May anyway, but makes it nice May is also an important anniversary. I won't say 10 years of marriage have gone fast because I met my spouse at age 18 and hardly remember life without him. It feels like I have known him an eternity. It's weird to think we have only been married 10 years actually.

Going to Hawaii is not set in stone, but something we are considering. I think we can squeak out a nice trip in the $1k range (if the room is free). I've never been to Kaui though dh had been many times. But that is where I Want to go.


BTW I had to say DisneySteve completely and totally jinxed me today. (Or made me jinx myself). Gee, thanks. LOL.

He had a thread about his unreliable DSL. I said ours has NEVER had a problem (because it hasn't) although our cable (for most of the last 7 years) was another story. We've maybe had our current DSL setup for 8 months? (We had it 2 years in our old condo as well - without a problem).

So anyway, dh calls me today to tell me internet went out last night and has been out all day. DSL!

When he called ATT they said it was our problem, not theirs. That everything is fine. Dh is pretty technically savvy and so we both find this hard to believe.

Better yet, they can't send someone out until NEXT WEEK!!!!!!

Are you flipping kidding me?

Next wednesday, and dh badgered them until he got a date for NEXT Monday. Ugh. My dh doesn't generally take no for an answer, so it's maddening how little progress he was making with them.

In the meantime, dh has an online conference call tonight for a video project, he has all his project stuff online (script program or something) and he is in the midst of ebay and craigslist sales. There is the library, but he has kids to cart around too. At home he can occupy them more easily while he does his web work.

I hadn't really thought about it, but yeah, he can't really function. SO naturally he is pretty pissed.

I told him if that's the case I think we should just drop ATT. I asked what our options were. He said fibre optic or cable. We are boycotting Comcast, which leaves Surewest (they don't service cable at out house, but have fibre optic).

Since we have been having a really good year and I Realize how much of dh's income and productivity relies on the internet, I told him if he can get Surewest to hook up fibre optic this week I am in. Even if the internet is $50 per month (double what we pay now), whatever. We dropped a whole bunch of cable and phone stuff this year. With my income boost it seems like a decent splurge. I looked up the prices while we were chatting.

So he is looking into it. I think he is hesitant to spend so much, which is fair enough. But I could really care less about keeping ATT at this point. We would ideally prefer Surewest cable, if they ever offer it to us. But that is a sticking point.

It's hard to search out options without internet. IT's hard to do ANYTHING without the internet. At least I can keep an eye on the ebay stuff from work. Phew.

1 Responses to “Anniversaries & A JINX”

  1. asmom Says:

    I feel both you and DS' pain. When I had Earthlink DSL, it went out regularly. Their customer service was responsive but they were in India and they were very difficult to understand. It never took less than 3 phone calls and a couple of hours to resolve. Since I've switched to AT&T, I've only had one outage but their CS sucks! Like you, they basically told me it was my problem. So I called Linksys who make my router, they also have their centers in India but last time I lucked out because I got one I could understand plus she nailed it very quickly. Good luck on getting it fixed soon.

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