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Pictures of My World

December 29th, 2008 at 07:38 am

Since my camera is a little on the old side, and big and bulky... (I hesitate to call a camera bought in 2002, old, but technology has improved substantially since then!). Anyway, I would love to take more pictures and work in a 52 or 360 picture project, but I find it unlikely I will take many. It's not a little discreet camera I can take with me everywhere. !

But, we did go on a bike ride and I snapped some pics I had been meaning to share.

For one, I tell people all the time I have the best of all worlds. We live in the city and the country. Big Grin It's kind of nice.

& I also wanted to show our little park oasis and the sea of empty home lots that has come to glut our city.

So, where to begin...

These pics were snapped on the corner - at the end of our street.

& I am surprised it turned out, but you can see the downtown skyscape in this picture. We are very close to downtown (just a few miles). When we moved in there were no homes in between us and downtown, so we used to have a more clear view.

& this is just looking back at our development. The border of suburbia.

There is just nothingness, farmland, rivers, etc. as you head west (or north) from there. We pretty much live on the northern/western border of suburbia and there isn't much else out there. Most of the development is east (higher land/closer to the Sierras).

Well, here is a glimpse of the sea of undeveloped home lots:

These are models that have largely been abandoned. They have a security camera and the lawns look manicured, but I have not seen a soul there in over a year. This is across a major road, so doesn't directly affect us or our home values. But is pretty close to us, yes.

Whoever bought these homes, lucked out in some sense. But gives you a sense of some of the monstrosity they were building. & yet, though I am sure they paid top dollar for a very small patch of land, they kind of lucked out and got a lot of empty space. Depends how you look at it I guess.

& this is the park we found in the sea of unbuilt communities. We love it because it is SO peaceful - never see anyone over there. It is surrounded mostly by empty home lots. We had a picnic there one day and though we could see downtown in the distance it felt like we were in the middle of nowhere because it was so peaceful. So we just LOVE it.

Anyway, my friends went to school in this area in the 90s, and having grown up in the Bay Area, we always called Sacramento, Cow Town. LOL. I think because LA, Bay Area, and the coats are so desirable, that Sacramento is considered the armpit of the state. (That is what I hear it called). But I think it gets a bum wrap. It's way cheaper, it's way less crowded, and it's rather close to both Tahoe and San Francisco. We have kind of been reserved to the fast growth, as it is exactly what happened to San Jose when we grew up there. IT was farmland in the 70s, and by the late 80s it had pretty much become an extension of San Francisco. Sacramento was kind of going in the same direction. So, we were used to it. Over crowding, disappearing of farmland, etc., etc. LOTS of people living here and working in San Francisco. That's the way of California. But, if we are lucky enough to revert back to a bit of a cow town as other areas of the state once again become somewhat affordable, that sounds good to me. Big Grin The bubble burst has its perks for us, I guess.

One more thing - we thought we were super smart to buy in the first phase of a new development. Well, we were in our situation. But, yeah, not so smart for people that bought in new developments the last few years. A lot of builders have gone bankrupt, and a lot of unfinished developments. I feel lucky now our entire neighborhood is built up. No empty lots or half finished homes. & you can't build much community if you only have a couple of neighbors. It leaves those desolate homes pretty susceptible to theft, etc.

So, Phew.

7 Responses to “Pictures of My World”

  1. Broken Arrow Says:

    Neat pictures! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Swimgirl Says:

    This really is a beautiful area!

    I laugh at the huge houses.

    We used to live in a huge house. When we moved (my town is rather pricey) we bought a small house in a great location with plans to remodel. It's less than 1500 square feet and there are 6 of us. Cozy, yes! WE DO need a little more space. There are lots of us. But we are surviving just fine. Some of these people with one kid and 3800 sq feet....just doesn't make sense, but I guess it makes them feel important or something.

    We will likely move somewhere larger in the next 5 years, while also having 2 kids go away to college. We won't need the space as much, but I hope those kids will be coming home a lot for years to come! Our biggest issue is living space for entertaining. Not that we're huge entertainers, but it's pretty crowded!

  3. frugaltexan75 Says:

    Your pictures remind me of where my family lived in Albuqurque NM in the mid to late 80;s. There was lots of open space and not many houses. Of course that same area is now overbuilt and very crowded and not very conducive to kids running around on their bikes.

  4. monkeymama Says:

    I personally like big houses. Seriously. I think because we are homebodies. We just like lots of space to ourselves. & the more entertainment we can fit into our house, the less we have to find it elsewhere. Not that we have 3800 sf, but I'd take it. Big Grin I'd LOVE to live somewhere where we could have the same house plus 1000 sf in a basement. Would be 3800 easy. IT doesn't make me feel important. Just, happy and content! & yeah, pretty much would never leave home - hehe.

  5. Swimgirl Says:

    Hey, don't get me wrong. I LOVED my old 3300 sq ft house. Loved it! Plenty of space for everyone and everything. But, we are surviving just fine in less than half the space. I WANT to go back to bigger, I do!

    But really...need? I have a friend with a 3800 sq. ft. house. They have one kid. Five bedrooms, plus playroom. Just seems like a waste somehow....

    Our town is expensive. We had to buy smaller, because that's what we could comfortably afford. Our house has lost surprisingly little in value over the last 2 years. And we certainly don't owe more on it than it's worth! And since we will likely move in the next 5 years (more like next year, probably), I'm thinking about these things.

    You, MM, don't seem like the type to buy a big house for the wrong reasons. I'm guessing you didn't buy thousands and thousands worth of upgrades.

    Interestingly, my son's two best friends live in gigantic houses with all the latest toys... and guess where those boys are most of the time?! Crammed into our tiny family room playing games on an old XBox we scored for $20!

  6. monkeymama Says:

    Actually, we did buy thousands in upgrades. I think they were well worth it. Big Grin I can't say if we bought them for the wrong or right reasons. You'd probably disagree with our reasons; heck, we were 24 years old when we bought our home. What did we know?

    I do get defensive about the big house/granite countertop thing. It annoys me to no end when frugal people with bigger electric bills, and costly upgrades to their fixxer up homes, get on the case of people like us. IT's fun to villain-ize people with bigger homes, and granite, but it misses the point. If my home is twice as energy efficient, as is, and stuff like the granite and the roof never have to be replaced, and I haven't spent a dime on fixing up, I feel like the smart one. Wink Not that you were villain-izing me, but I had to share another perspective. & an area I have to defend myself often as a frugie.

    Anyway, I am not taking this particularly personally or seeing it as a debate. (I say that because it is hard to read tone in a post. I swear, I am not mad - LOL). I think the part that bugged me was the "Some of these people with one kid and 3800 sq feet....just doesn't make sense, but I guess it makes them feel important or something." You know, if they aren't hurting anyone, who cares. I had to defend them.

    OF course no one "needs" that much space.

    But yeah, shifting gears to put down upgrades didn't win me over - hehe. Big Grin

  7. monkeymama Says:

    To be fair - I Was the one that brought up the monstrous houses. LOL. But it's kind of like, if I bought a house like that, it wouldn't be a tract home, and it wouldn't be on 0.1 acre of land. Yikes. Obviously you couldn't read my mind and thought I hated big homes in general. You got me there - I brought it up.

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