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Got out of the house!!!!

February 25th, 2008 at 02:59 am

Isn't winter OVER yet??????? Oh, soon enough...

It didn't help that nice weather taunted us the whole time we were sick. So I looked extra forward to getting out this weekend. Instead, we got big STORMS.

Of course, to be fair, it looks to be 70 most of next week. Big Grin How nice! We'll see how next weekend is...

Anyway, I had told the kids we would go out this weekend. so with the weather, we went to McDs instead. We drove a good 20 miles to the one I knew LM would enjoy. He's a little on the young side. But there is one over by the preschool that I take BM to, to meet up with his friend monthly. The play structure is a lot bigger and is mostly stairs, instead of those stupid tubes. Easier for LM and easier for us adults if he needed help (which he didn't, phew). So the kids had fun. I expected it to be PACKED. But it wasn't too bad and not a lot of big kids. So LM definitely enjoyed. Of course BM enjoyed.

Anyway, so feeling VERY antsy, I wrote down a list of all the activities I wanted to do this year.

*sigh* The list is huge. Some festivals, a trip to San Francisco and Monterey, the SF zoo, another small amusement park, Disneyland (which we have all booked) as well as quite a few hikes. Hikes - Bay Area, the coast, Tahoe, local... Really, just too many options!

Of course, I am a get up and go person. I always have a list a million miles long of things I Want to do. Dh is happy to stay home and watch TV. Just the way he is. So I think he is very scared. LOL. It has been easier to stay home and watch TV with babies and wee ones and all that. But one main thing I have been wanting to do more of is some serious hiking. & BM LOVES it. (Dh enjoys hiking as well. He must admit). But anyway, we did a couple of small hikes last year with LM; he just was not quit ready. I am hoping this year will be better. Plus he is moving past diapers too (extra plus). So it's not only this winter I guess. Just the last 5 years or so stuck with small babies and toddlers. I am so excited to get PAST that and get back to some of our old habits.

Anyway, on my list were quite a few things I Want dh to do with us. So I think he is scared. But it will be good for him to get out more too. Big Grin

On the flip side, I feel a little overwhelmed. There are only so many hours in the day; week; month. It's just not ALL going to happen.

But I Am looking forward to a FUN year.

There are a few expensive/pricey things on my list. But most of it will cost little more than the gas to get there. So that I can really appreciate.

I think having such small kids, too much of our own lives have been on hold. So I am a little giddy that they can start doing more things that we want to do with us. & it's just fun to show them the world.

But I totally get this form my dad. I just want to do EVERYTHING. & the list is getting a little too long...

So yes, winter is making me antsy. But so is the last FIVE years of caring for babies. I just want to get OUT there again. WITH the kids. BEcause I Wasn't going to go hiking every weekend without them, when they were too little. (I have big babies - there was no carrying them around on hikes. No way!!!!! LOL).

Beyond all that, I bought a project to work on. Isn't it cute?

It's a latch hook. It is a small one. I am making it for BM. He wants to hang it on his wall. Then I'll go from there. I figure if I could finish a small one; maybe I would tackle something bigger.

I tore the house apart looking for my half finished giant latch hook project and I could NOT find it. Dh offered to run to Michael's to pick up a new hook for me. He saw the model airplanes and all sorts of stuff and ended up spending $15. (I wondered what was taking him so long!!). OF course, not bad for all he made off with.

I'll have to post a picture of my "kool kat" when it is done. I am not much one for pastels, but I kind of liked it. Big Grin

I think I like cats more than monkeys, truth be told. So had to get the cat. But, yeah, it amazed me all the selection out there in internet-land. How fun!!!! How things have changed. I have no idea what I would pick next. Decisions, decisions. Well I'll start and see if I can finish this one, this century!

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