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Saved $23 this month...

November 21st, 2007 at 04:08 pm

Well, um, I got the water bill today. Couldn't make heads or tail of it. For one, it is due today (but postmarked a couple of days ago). Well, okay then.

It also makes no sense how they charged us. But our metering took effect and our bill was $23 lower than our usual monthly bill. They are only charging us every other month for water I believe.

Anyway, so they showed we had $45 of water charges for the last TWO months, as opposed to the usual flat $45 they charge MONTHLY. Phew. Then they pulled some number out of the air to bill us. But looked reasonable since we already paid the flat water rate last month.

Hopefully the next bill is a little more clear.

This was before it started raining and we turned off the water outside entirely, so at this rate we might save more than I originally thought. Not bad for 2 rather dry/warm months. It has been unusually warm.

Well, Thanksgiving has evolved very strangely. I think I am going to go out to eat with my parents while dh does the crazy family thing. Long story.

I think his family is really freaked out about this turn of events, but we have a lot history of doing our own thing. I think they worry a little too much. It's kind of funny. We are totally cool with this arrangement. He has the kids. His mom is worried about how this "looks." I am just looking forward to peace and quiet. Big Grin {I also have a long history of not caring what other people thing. who cares??????}

So mostly I am looking forward to a peaceful holiday. We are no longer hosting so it will be far more relaxing than I thought.

I worked a few hours today (hadn't planned to with hosting) and will probably work a bit in the morning or Sunday. I made up enough time I can use vacation time to go to Vegas next week. Big Grin

Maybe I can even squeeze in some overtime in December, now that I am catching up for all this time off. Well, one thing at a time.

BM did tell me today he was thankful for our "house." That's what he decided at preschool. I asked him what in particular he liked about our house - or was thankful about. He said, "That we have a cat in our house." LOL.

Have a great Holiday!!!

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