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Yikes - It Was Ugly Today

February 27th, 2007 at 10:07 pm

Hey well I am glad today I have a conservative portfolio - hehe.

I have been trying not to work in the evenings, but the busy-ness demands it I guess. Well it wouldn't be a huge deal but the odds are if I stay up past 8 I get 4 hours of sleep if I am lucky. LM is screaming his head off as I type - he is on major sleep strike. It is a tossup if it is teething or growthspurt, or all of the above I guess. It's fine when all falls in place and I go to bed early, and we split the shift. But I brought some work home and needed to get to some writing. & I wanted to spend a little time with the kids first! I just pray for some sleep too. I figured since it is a short work day tomorrow (with having to take him and pick up BM from preschool at 5) I don't have to be so awake as the days I try to work 7-6. It's more a 9-5 day instead. Who needs sleep...

Anyway, I had concluded that picking an overall portfolio mix and sticking with it for the longer haul is good. Anyway, I think I have been going conservative as I wait for the big crash of 2007. It just seems like the market was really heading for a peak. I thought this last year. & I invested quite conservatively. & then I kind of wake up looking at the gains we have made this last year and thinking this is silly - time to get more aggressive. I find it ironic I decide this on/before such a bad stock day. & yet it makes it even more apparent that if I had just had an 85/15 mix all along I'd probably be miles ahead. So be it. Today was ugly, but I still have a gain for the year. I haven't even been too eager to put money in the stock market as is. Now I am more willing. Funny how that goes. My timing is pretty bad perhaps but looking at the big picture I will probably move to some money out of bonds to stocks. It doesn't matter because I hope to soon be putting a small amount into the market every month. Until we get to that point it is just a lot uglier. When we are continually investing, the lows (and highs) won't be so dramatic.

Well here's to better stock market days, though I Can't say I Was terribly surprised today.

Anyway, today was super crazy busy and I know I haven't updated much on my finances. There isn't much to tell. I work like crazy, dh takes care of the groceries, everyone is happy. LOL. I do know dh has 3 (THREE!!) doctor appointments next week - yikes! $150. March maybe not so hot. Blech. & it's the end of the month - should have some interest to post to my challenge money. It's funny because overall I think we will be way under budget on most things for February, but medical and such will blow it all out of the water. I am looking forward to a calm month - maybe April? I hesitate to think it though because I know it could be much worse. It hasn't been so bad...

I think it has just been compounded by the fact with busy season and craziness I have had little time to make side money and same for dh. I am frustrated I haven't saved above and beyond my raise the last few weeks. I know I have the full year ahead though and many opportunities to make more money once april is over and done...

1 Responses to “Yikes - It Was Ugly Today”

  1. PatientSaver Says:

    No, your timing is good! After yesterday's big crash, NOW is a GREAT time to buy stocks! (That is, unless it recovers completely in the next day or so.)

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