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January 27th, 2007 at 08:12 pm

Aw, today overall has been productive. A little stressed because I had 2 clients left to do a W-2 & 1099 push on - big deadline Jan. 31 - Wednesday. Figured I'd knock out 1 today and save the big one for monday & Tuesday.

Then I spun my wheels all day - I would not even know where to begin, but client under-withheld taxes last quarter, made them up this quarter, but our software and theirs treated it differently - BLAH! I am probably one of the smartest in the office - that is the sad thing. But I just could not figure it out - the time crunch I Felt did not help - oy vey. All my reports and W-2s and all that tied, but the books are off and I Can not wrap my brain around why. On the plus side my manager is really weird and is a crazy workaholic. HE is all caught up but decided to work all weekend just because. Weird, but good for me - LOL. I'll probably go in the morning and hand it over and let him figure out - he has time. Go in tidy up, hand it over, do some 1099s. So I Can focus on the big one for 2 days. Wasn't intending to work SUnday but oh well. Told dh hopefully this will be the last Sunday for a while. I don't mind working a few hours on a saturday and a sunday - long as I have the afternoon off. Dh worked on his movie in the afternoon and I actually made some good progress on the house - phew. I also told dh I Was taking over laundry duty. He can do his, kids, and the diapers. But I have had enough. He refuses to use dryer sheets and a year of this has been okay - I always sneak them in when I do laundry. Maybe because I have been too busy and unable to sneak them in lately because all of my clothes are crazy static cling. I Wash my work clothes myself and that is about it. I am SO fed up - I was literally screaming at him about it last week because my hair brush and comb and all my sweater had static cling, my hair keeps standing on end. I have this spray stuff but it is aerosal and smells SO awful and I have had to spray it in my hair everyday just to get it to calm down.

Anyway, the last straw is my lazy clothes are all sticking to me and last night with the lights off I kept seeing sparks in my son's bed - between his blankets and jammies - oy vey. The static electricity is insanity.

The towels are also feeling really rough and crappy without the dryer sheets so today I did 2 loads of towels and dish towels - put them in hot water and 2 dryer sheets each load. THey still feel like crap. I am fed up. LOL. I Am probably going to have to do another load of perfectly good static-y clothes. Blah. I told dh I would put a laundry basket out - all my clothes and all the towels - I will do it myself. I have just had it up to here - I am so frustrated!!!

How in the heck do you get static cling out of a hairbrush? IT just won't GET OUT!!!!!!

Well I have a simple solution - dryer sheets - LOL. But dh won't allow me that luxury. He is really driving me insane over here. Poor kids stuck with static clothes I guess.

2 Responses to “Static Cling - AAARRRGGGHHH”

  1. LuckyRobin Says:

    Okay, this will sound weird but it works. Clean the hairbrush completely out so there is no hair or dust in it at all, then wash it in the dishwasher in the silverware holder. When it is done and dry again, lightly spray it with a fine solution of non-stick cooking spray or olive oil (I ususally use olive oil in a spray pump) and let it dry. Works for me, I do it about once a month during the winter. If the brush acts up again during the month, just lightly spray it again and let it dry before you use it.

  2. monkeymama Says:

    Well I bow down to you. I have never had static cling in my hairbrush and it is absolutely driving me nuts. I will most definitely TRY!!!!

    As a plus I think my dh did not really believe me when I said I Would do my own laundry. as I said I had rewashed a pile of towels, and when he clarified with me what the pile of laundry was (rewashed towels!) he threw in the towel and said fine, he would use the dang dryer sheets.

    We'll see...

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