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December 19th, 2006 at 10:13 pm

Made my deposits today, came home and updated Quicken. Still short about $100 for december - not really concerned. But checked the mail and got a $100 christmas check from dh's grandpa. Sweet. For whatever reason everyone in his family from every side is big on cash. No complaints here!!!!! My family, not so much. Okay 1 side is totally poor. & the other side figures they have done enough raising their kids, I guess. I was just pondering why dh's family is so cash happy and mine isn't, just strange in a way. He even has a distant aunt who always sends big checks. Spoiled rotten I tell you!

Anyway, the $100 brings us to breakeven in December. Still $400 left to spend on the credit card too, and stay within budget - will be mostly groceries and gas...


Christmas money - there may just be enough coming in the next couple of weeks to finance our wants/needs and to add some to the e-fund. Who knows. Dh wants to put his money towards PS3 - whatever. What can I say. A tight tight year we keep chanting, but a $500 game system when he already has MANY. Whatever... So much for TIGHT! He did give me grandpa's money for bills (didn't give him a choice - hehe). We'll see what we get and compromise I guess - at least he isn't hoarding all the christmas money for this - he is saving his pennies for a few months - we'll come up with a compromise. Maybe he can save 1/2 if he gives 1/2 to the e-fund. Just depends - time will tell...

I need to invest in clothes for work because I am still in in-between size hell. Last year's clothes too big, pre-pregnancy clothes too small. Tax season coming up - need some suits. I seriously have size 16 clothes way too big and 14 way too small. I have no idea if I Can even find anything! Yeah, I want to spend all my money ($200? mostly work bonus) but it is an investment for work. In the meantime my dress hasn't been so hot... I have taken business casual to a pretty casual level.

Kids will get money and we have toys in mind for them. They could probably do well without. But we justified not going crazy pre-christmas by deciding to go crazy with the christmas money for them instead. It is seriously Dec. 19th and they each have 1 toy - and I haven't been tempted to buy more. So far has worked...

On the flip side of all this, I am only $250 away from $6k in the e-fund!!!!!! We have to throw it a bone!!

It all depends how much we rake in on Christmas I guess!!!

4 Responses to “Breakeven!!”

  1. fairy74 Says:

    For the clothes have you thought of trying juniors plus clothes they are the inbetween sizes and cut a little smaller then womens clothes, like a 15/17 might fit you perfect now...Kohl's and Walmart have a lot of them (even some business jackets)...

  2. monkeymama Says:

    I just looked at your profile and you don't have kids - LOL. THat is the thing, I have a small frame overall but since having kids junior size is a joke - it just widens you in all the parts that you could squeeze into junior sizes before you have kids. *sigh* I tried last year - I got all excited because juniors sizes had 13, 16, 17, but I couldn't even get past my thighs - LOL.

    I swear - you don't have to gain a pound - you have a kid - juniors will never fit you again - they just don't make them for child bearing hips or something.

    BUT I have not tried tops and that might work - it is a good idea. I am really small up top and I think that might help! I will cry as I go past the cute pants though. Frown But really I am so frustrtated finding nice suit jackets that don't just hang on me - hmmmm - an idea!!!!


  3. monkeymama Says:

    Oh yeah - I forgot you were expecting. Enjoy that baby-free bod while you can. Ah, it is all worth it though. Wink

  4. LuckyRobin Says:

    Could you take some of your too big suits to a seamstress and get them altered? That might be a good option and not cost as much as replacing them.

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