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$63 and up and up on Ebay!!

October 17th, 2006 at 09:58 pm

Wow, before bed I figured I would check my Ebay listing. It is already up to $63 with 6 days to spare. Oh my goodness!!!! I Was just telling hubby I will probably get $60+. IT was at $35 around 6pm so I Was shocked to see all the bididng since then.

Wow - I have no idea where it will end up. Considering you can get a brand new one on ebay for $70 - I am not sure it will go up much more. But I think mine is a newer model than the others - might make ALL The difference. Now I remember why I had to pay $90 for it myself. ; )

This is too cool.

I checked the kid's closet and I have 7 really nice outfits that do not fit in the least. They are all summery so I will probably wait until spring to list them, when there is more demand. The best thing is they will be so easy to ship.

I know they have a few things with tags sitting in their drawers as well. I'll have to do a search...

Even with all the Christmas shopping this month I think it will be a good month for the Emergency Fund. I am expecting 2 more Cookie Lee orders this week as well. An extra $200 - $300 this month with little work. Yay!

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