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A Turn of Good News

September 6th, 2013 at 04:52 pm

**I got new tires - what a difference! Absolutely nothing else needed, so all ready for our road trip. (That was a nice surprise - that the van needed absolutely no other work - woohoo!).

**I had another surprise as I was able to redeem $50 credit card rewards to my ROTH. For whatever reason I miscalculated and thought I'd have -0-. Can only redeem in $50 increments.


**The money I transferred to my checking account showed up in less than 24 hours. It was a very large sum. Holy Cow!

Makes me rethink if I should keep that account for emergency money. Hmmmm... The reality is that in 20 years I have never been in need of a large some of emergency cash. Not even this year with everything breaking like crazy. I think I will continue with my plan to close the account. Wink Savings transfers already made to other accounts.

**How random is this???

Musical artist who we saw on "living room" tour last year is doing *one* similar type show - in our city - when we will actually be in town. OMG. He's not from around here, or this half of the country. You got me! We bought up our tickets the second we saw that. There may only be 10-30 guests. Our family and friends have already bought up 10 tickets. How FUN!! I am so excited!

He wouldn't even come to our city last time! We had offered our home as a venue.

**My Dad and I are starting to discuss an April Japan trip. Obviously I am not going (no time off in April for me!). Just BM? Maybe dh and BM. They may go backpacking too, so may stay a couple of weeks. We will pay 0% - 100% of our share. We are just pinning down dates for now. My Dad and I both agreed to figure out the finances later - see how the year shakes out. Arrangements will be made next year. I told him dh and BM were probably game, but only if my house and everything stops breaking, so I appreciate the time to see where our finances land. I don't think there is any way in heck my Dad would pay one cent towards this trip, for my family's travels, except he is wrestling if he should invite my sister (who could not afford it) and keeping it fair.

I suppose that is another post for another day.

For reference, as a child we could never afford to vacation *anywhere* (my parents never took advantage of all the frugal options in our "backyard") and so I have no frame of reference regarding all this. Yes, my kids are spoiled rotten! Honestly? My Grandparents hardly cared I even existed, and I am far more jealous of and pleased with this special time BM is getting with his Grandparents. The destinations don't mean that much to me - the time they are getting together is priceless. IF they spent $50 on a camping trip, I think it would mean about as much. Wink But my dad wants to go to Japan and would love to take a Grandchild along for the company and to share the experience.

4 Responses to “A Turn of Good News”

  1. rachel021406 Says:

    I think the trip sounds great. I'm sure they are building great memories.

  2. LuckyRobin Says:

    I think it is great your kids get to have these relationships with their grandparents. I barely ever saw mine and having that relationship nurtured was something I missed. I was determined that my kids would have close relationships with both sets of grandparents and they do. It is wonderful for them. They will have marvelous memories. I do get a little jealous that I couldn't have that with my own grandparents, but am glad my kids aren't missing out on it.

  3. Looking Forward Says:

    That would be an amazing trip.. but what about LM??? Frown

  4. MonkeyMama Says:

    LM isn't interested and isn't mature enough to go without us. I wouldn't do that to my dad!! {I don't think my dad is thrilled to take *any* children, but will consider BM due to his exceptional maturity. Honestly, he's probably a better travel companion than I would be}. MIL is taking LM on a 10th birthday trip and he can certainly go to Japan next time. For the most part, LM takes after dh and I, and has no interest in going. Lord knows that we are both more than happy to stay home while the others go.

    I 100% realize that it comes across BM is spoiled and favored, but the reality is just personality differences. BM is very adventurous and independent; LM is not. That, and financially. We can't afford to all go to Asia, but we can go one or two at a time.

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