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Weekend Doings

August 26th, 2013 at 12:47 pm

**Dh killed two birds with one stone this weekend. He helped a friend move, and also got some family video interview footage (out of town). Phew!! He has put so much time and effort to my own family's videos, post-dad-heart-attack, that I am relieved he has finally gotten around to footage of those closer and more local. (He has been collecting film out of town and when out-of-towners visit, for several years, and had put his 90-year-old Grandma high on the list - has already done a couple of interviews with here in less recent past). But, we all know the youngest of us can drop dead tomorrow... So, I feel great relief, and am sure he does to.

The kids and I read, lounged by the pool, and spent about $20 on pizza and ice cream.

Dh was paid in pizza and beer. So, aside from gas, he didn't spend anything.

**I don't think dh is feeling very gung ho on his video project. His feedback pre-interview was that my family is 100 times more interesting than his. Big Grin

His feedback post-interview, is that we are also way more interesting to interview (maybe because we have more interesting stories?). Actually, his family has great stories, so I think he is just finding it hard to pull it out of them.

So, will see what he will come up with. I am sure he will work his magic.

**It's been on and off *smokey* here, due to all the wildfires. One day last week was particularly miserable (it had gotten really hot and the car AC did not seem to work with the smoke. I was worried the car was having problems, but it seems to work fine without layers of smoke in the air mixed with crazy hot temps).

I just saw that Berkely family camp (near Yosemite) was completely destroyed. Frown I looked up San Jose's camp because it seemed it was probably in same area (was on the same river). Well, it's just a few miles away, and some of it has been destroyed. Sounds like it might be a miracle if it isn't completely destroyed when all is said and done? I couldn't find the dates on some of the news articles that said it was still in the midst of the fire.

We've been going to Sacramento camp, closer to Tahoe, for the past several years. But, it's up in the forest close to where our family cabin is. All of which are very open to the same fate. Dh's Grandma has had a heck of a time getting fire insurance in recent years (she owns the cabin).

Actually, there was a peanut allergy death this year, at Camp Sacramento. Not a good year for the city Camps! We've actually had a heck of a time with the snow in maybe 2 of the last 3 or 4 years. (Camp being buried under 8 feet of snow in June, stuff like that). The snow sounds mighty fine about now.

3 Responses to “Weekend Doings”

  1. Bob B. Says:

    My daughter (11 yo) and wife interviewed my father-in-law this past Christmas about his experiences in the Air Force (state side) during the Korean War. It's funny the stories and details that come up during an "interview" that don't come up every day.

  2. Petunia 100 Says:

    I think your dh's video project is uber cool. What a treasure for your family in the decades to come!

  3. frugaltexan75 Says:

    My grandma was talking about the fires, and how it was getting kind of smoky - I'm not sure if she meant near Loma Linda or near San Jose though.

    That must feel so sad to know that a place you've camped at several times is destroyed. The fires a few months ago destroyed (partially) one of our Adventist camps (Pine Spring Ranch.) I'd never gone to that one - I had gone to a different one in Northern CA several times though when I was growing up.

    I'm glad your DH is following through with his video project. I'd started to do something like that a few years ago, and now really, really wish I'd gotten my dad on tape. My mom and I were just talking yesterday about how we wish we could have had some of his children's stories on tape/video.

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