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Definitely Buying Skates!

June 17th, 2010 at 09:00 am

The sad truth is I just donated some roller blades that I bought about 15 years ago.

I could never get into them. I could NEVER figure out how to slow down or stop.

Of course, I tossed them a few months ago, and now we are becoming skating regulars. I held onto them 15 years, just to toss them when I could probably use the rink to practice up - maybe even take some lessons.

But, maybe it is for the best. I look forward to buying some good old fashioned quads.


We went to family skate night last night. BM and I would be $12 (including rentals). $16 since LM joined us for a bit. ($8/$10 if we had our own skates).

We had a BLAST! The empty Sunday session had been nice to get our bearings, but was not near as fun as a good old fashioned family skate session.

All of our skating had improved dramatically since last time. LM was a little easier to cart around the rink (though I tripped on him once - not pretty). BM was a whiz, and I started to feel 10 times more comfortable on the skates, myself. It's coming back to me.

(As far as BM, he was walking/running at 9 months, and seems to master any new balancing act at lightning speed - skating no exception. IT probably helps that he is not cautious in the least - LM being the polar opposite).

You would not believe how packed the rink was. I would say it was "just right." IT wasn't too crowded to enjoy, but I Was impressed how well the rink was doing on a weeknight. Wow.

I can buy a pair of skates for around $50 (1 month allowance for me), so I will just buy some next month. Probably online.

BM's birthday is coming up so will suggest my parents may want to get him skates. If not, we can buy some. Seemed fitting thought since my dad is the rink rat. I don't think he has skated much since we've grown, but we used to go skating all the time. He is so excited to skate with the kids now.

I often think that I am quite cautious and boring, but then there is dh, who refuses to do anything like skiing or skating. Oh well, for now I Can look on the bright side that it makes the activity much cheaper. BUT, for the long run, we have got to get him onto some skates. Wink

5 Responses to “Definitely Buying Skates!”

  1. momcents Says:

    I had to laugh at this post. I, too, purchased rollerblades 15 years ago - cost me about $150 back then. Because I spent that much, I couldn't easily part with them. Now my 12 year old daughter and I wear the same size. She skates at least once a month and I was delighted to see she can wear mine which sae $6 each visit (regular skates are $4). Do you have Play It Again Sports out by you? I'm in the Midwest and it is a chain that sells gently used sporting items - it is where I've gotten great deals on ice skates, soccer cleats, and tennis racquets!

  2. Looking Forward Says:

    I am not a good skater. Frown But our DD is. She gets to skate at school. Santa brought her skates last Christmas.

  3. HouseHopeful Says:

    I have to laugh. I just donated some rollerblades last year & a friend keeps asking me to join her at the park. No opportunity to use them for years, and now that I don't have them, I have a use for them!

  4. Jerry Says:

    I got my skates (ice, not roller, but also expensive for good ones) online, and looking around can lead to some excellent deals. I got a brand new pair of skates, the previous year's model, and I saved almost $200 over the new price. Plus, because they are really good skates, I know that I will have some insurance that I'll be wearing them for like a decade. Enjoy your time at the rink!

  5. MonkeyMama Says:

    momcents - sounds familiar. I looked it up and yes we have one. We will check it out (BM needs soccer gear too, so good to know!)

    HH - Figures!

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