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Rain Rain Go Away...

February 9th, 2010 at 04:29 pm

More rain here. Though overall, looks like our nice sunny weather is starting to return. I saw lots of sun in the forecast. Thank goodness!

We do need rain, but considering how full all the rivers and resorviors are, well, we don't need it all at once!


I got an e-mail from another parent with a list of names of children in BM's classroom and a reminder to give everyone a valentine card. Ugh! Just what I need.

Funny thing is when I got home, MIL told me that I had already bought some. "Huh?" BM and dh both told her. I saw them sitting out later and realized what they were talking about. We had bought the really flashy ones on sale after Valentines, last year. I forgot, but BM remembered? Just, funny.

So, the kids are set. Grandma can help them put them together tomorrow.

AND, I suppose I should go stock up on some more after Valentines Day, again.

More, making it look like I spent a fortune when I didn't...


Funny conversation on the radio about Valnetine's Day. A debate how all women really want flowers and gifts and are lying if they say they don't. Hell, V-Day could have come and went without me noticing, but for the kids.

I think the thing for me, is that it is nice when dh surprises me with a gift, yes. Which is kind of why I am not into the "giving a gift" to each other every flipping holiday. It's nicer when it's just a random surprise. Those are nice. But feeling obligated to "buy something" 12 times a year is just ridiculous. We aren't big consumers, so it just isn't our thing.


This week is an easy no-spend week. Gased up the cars and stocked up on food and cooked over the weekend. SO, I don't foresee any spending for another week. Even the V-Day cards are taken care of...

I haven't had the urge to eat out, one little teeny tiny bit. I think with all the frozen meals given to us, we just have such a wide variety of food to choose from at home. More than usual. Coupled with the fact that dh is mostly bed ridden still... I suppose I could get the urge to take the kids out, but I have been working so much, I rather spend some time with dh then ditch him for some greasy food.

Since MIL has refused to cook anything we have ingredients for (I Don't quite get), I did end up cooking everything up this weekend. I am exhausted, but still appreciate her help, regardless. Some things have been a little frustrating, but it's hard to complain about someone who has dropped everything for 3 weeks to take care of dh and the kids. Anyway, dh seems to have perked up a bit to have some "Real food." The good home cooking he is used to! Which I suppose is the other thing - dh rather have a nice 15-minute meal at home than some take out. IT's not really that inconvenient. In the end I only spent about 2 hours cooking (4 meals) this weekend. I am just trying to get dh well - so eating in 100%, it is.

I suppose if dh returns to work that we will be more likely to employ this method - to cook all the meals for the week on Sunday night. I was able to squeeze it all in the fridge. A couple of hours of cooking was no biggie. We could certainly all chip in when dh is well, too. (& in the end, most of the stuff we cook is pretty easy and fast). I just often wonder how committed we will be to home cooking if we both worked. I am starting to think it's not that big of a deal - has become habit over the last decade.

I am exhausted, indeed, but I am playing much more "single mom" than "2-income household" with dh unable to help with anything.

5 Responses to “Rain Rain Go Away...”

  1. frugaltexan75 Says:

    I could live without Valentine's Day personally. With the exception of the candy sales after VD ... Smile

  2. sweetmama Says:

    I don't care about Valentine's Day either. My DH can 'spoil' me any day(s) of the year! Wink I think it's more special if you suprise someone rather than 'having' to do it because of a date on the calander.
    Good job with the cooking! What did you make?

  3. dmontngrey Says:

    I despise any "obligatory" gift giving and this is well known by the folks around me! DH is quite content with not being required to by gifts for certain occasions. Takes some stress off him as well.

  4. whitestripe Says:

    wow, do you REALLY have to buy a card for every child??? that's insane!

  5. monkeymama Says:

    No - you don't have to. But I suppose it is recommended. You know, politically correct and all. Big Grin (So no one feels left out). I wouldn't be too scared to bow out personally, but the kids like it.

    Reminds me - the kids probably want to send some Valentines to kids outside their class. They both are popular with the girls - oy vey! There are no girls in BM's grade (maybe 20% girls? It's really weird) and so he suddenly has a bunch of Kindergarten girlfriends. More to choose from I suppose. Well, good thing we have more valentines than we need. They come in packs of 30...

    SWEETMAMA - I made chili, mac & cheese with artichokes and spinach, meatloaf, and then I decided to make burritos (simple but lots of leftovers). These are all pretty simple, but awesome tasting recipes. We still have meatball soup that maybe his mom will make. It's pretty much just a bunch of frozen veggies, pasta and tomato sauce. Dh did good with the "Easy" & "non-perishable" choices - he bought all the ingredients before his surgery. Actually, he told me the soup was easiest, so I may end up making it some weeknight.

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