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October 16th, 2008 at 02:36 pm

I don't recall using the heat much in the fall, if at all, so I finally looked up my bill history to be sure. For last year anyway.

I guess my memory was correct. This year October has just been so odd. It seems it has had some cooler nights but hotter days than usual. Which makes for an odd mix.

Anyway, last year our natural gas bills:

$80 - $110 - Dec/Jan/Feb

$20 - $25 - Nov/Mar/Apr

$10 - May - Oct

So basically, we didn't turn on the heat last October or November? Well, okay then? I thought maybe we had in the mornings. And maybe we did. But I get the feeling the $20 bills have more to do with turning up the hot water heater more than anything. We turn it practically to "warm" in the summer because there seems to be no shortage of hot water in summer. Thus, the many months of $10 bills. But we have to turn it up considerably this time of year to get hot water pumping out.

I already turned it up this year. Maybe I was more spartan last year. Then again, it has gotten to 40 degrees overnight. Which is getting awfully winterish for this area.

So yes, odd weather all around.

For yesterday it hit 80 degrees and closer to 50 last night so the house is settling closer to 73 degrees. & weather is expected to be largely the same for the next week. 80/50. That is quite comfortable - I don't even need my robe or slippers on today.

Yes, on our balanced payment plan we only pay $30/month for gas.

I've already mentioned that people assume we have $500 months when it comes to winter because we have a large house. People under estimate the quality of new construction. I laugh because we don't pay that much all YEAR! & yes I do know people who get those kind of bills in winter, around here.

The house does quite well as long as there is sun, which I think why we fare so well in the spring and fall. In winter there just isn't as much sun to warm up the house, so we rely on the heat more. Kind of how it works with the energy efficiency thing.

I am sure there are those of you who live on the east coast and could probably live somewhere like here and never turn on the heat. I wouldn't be surprised. BUT around here I know people who leave there house at 74 degrees 24/7. I just find it SO wasteful.

As for me, I am allergic to cold. I need at least 65 degrees during the day. The question is when will the house drop that low???????? History says December. Or late November.

I am trying to adjust and get used to maybe one less degree every year. I find that an easier adjustment. Dh likes 68 and I can deal with it most of the time. Not always. But this year I think I am going to try 67. The kids are getting older and can handle it better. We go for 60 degrees at night. Which basically means we never turn on the heat at night. I am sure we could do colder at night, but that is as cold as it gets in this house, if the sun is out or the heat is on during the day. I could probably do 50 - I just don't have to. Well, have in the past. Just don't have to in this house.

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