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Taco Bell Weirdness

October 10th, 2008 at 08:01 pm

Man, it's quiet around here.

I guess why I am more bloggy. Kind of staying tuned for all the financial news, but not a lot going on in the blogs. But I feel rather distracted. Online more than I should be today.

DOW, 8500. Interesting. I am still curious to see my buy in price on the VG Stock Market Index.


I went to Taco Bell for lunch. The plan was to run through the drive thru and have a lightning fast lunch.

I even drove dh's car today with this in mind (my driver side window doesn't work - don't ask - POC car).

But when I pulled up the line was out the wazoo.

Because of my broken window I often just run inside to a fast food place and hardly ever see a person. So I was disappointed to walk in and be third in line.

Not a biggie, but when I walked out, there were literally 10 people in line. It was CRAZY! & the drive thru was way longer than usual as well.

The strangeness continues.

Since I don't like to carry cash and deal with cash, I mostly pay everything with my credit card, to rack up points. Even Taco Bell? Yes.

I usually feel rather alone in this endeavor. I mean, sure, they offer it because people do use it and tend to spend more. But for me, I charged my 80 cent taco. I don't think I have ever seen anyone else use their charge card at any fast food place.

Anyway, the 3 people in front of me all paid by card (fair enough, could have been debit, but I don't think they were. Don't you need a pin to used a debit cars? I don't know, I don't have one). & then, the person behind me whipped out their card.

Whoa, weird!

I just walked out thinking to myself, "This is a sign of the economy. A crowded Taco Bell with only credit paying customers."

Or I could have just read too much into it - but it was kind of odd to me.

I had to wait like a 15 minutes for my lunch. Yeesh. So much for fast!

I was glad I didn't idle my car in that line though - I think I saved some gas.

1 Responses to “Taco Bell Weirdness”

  1. sillyoleme Says:

    I use my debit or credit cards at fast food places all the time. I just never carry cash... I feel like I spend more if I have it handy, plus it's easier to track where it went if I use a card.

    The other customers could have been using debits. Most places allow you to run your debit card "as credit" these days, you usually just hit Enter or Cancel at the Pin # screen. Some banks charge people for using their debit cards as debits, so they choose to run it as credit instead. I've also heard that running it as a debit takes the money out of your account faster than as credit.

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