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The A/C is OFF...

October 6th, 2008 at 02:56 pm

The weather prediction is 80 degrees day/50 degrees night, for the next week.

The house has been around 75 in the mornings and 80 in the evenings. (Still warmed up from the hot weather, I expect it to drop down a bit to more comfortable temps).

I am crossing my fingers the AC is off for good.

I also turned up the hot water heater a bit, in anticipation of cooler weather. Particularly since it is cooler in the morning when we shower.

We also adjusted the lawn watering system since it FINALLY dropped below 90-100 degree weather. I cut the water in half and turned off one day of watering. (I was running it every day when it was 100 degrees. But now 3 days a week. & I turned it off for a couple of days when it rained).

I think I will get the electric bill today or tomorrow. I expect it to be way bigger than last year with all this HOT weather. We'll see...

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