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Tax Refund Finally Arrived

March 4th, 2007 at 06:26 am

I know last year we filed around the same time and it arrived in a week. Well this year I filed Feb.11 and the refund (state) was approved the 14th. & so it arrives yesterday - gah!

The mail has been so BAD around here, I wanted to look at the postmark but there was none - electronic I guess. Who knows where it has been. IT was mailed from this city so no need to take so long - came well after the state said it would arrive.

This mail thing all started with my work mail years ago. I never send anything from work unless I don't mind it getting lost for a month or 2. Like a magazine subscription renewal or a survey or something I'll toss it in - hehe. BUT in the end it did turn up there was a mail theft ring going through our post office, and I wonder if that was tied to slower mail. In the end they took some of our clients checks (clients paying my boss) and erased them and re-filled them in. So a few of our clients had check fraud, eventually traced it to our post office. I haven't tried the mail since all that - just don't trust it. But maybe it is better without the whole theft ring thing.

So I we have lived here years and for the first 4 years I kept my old bank back home. I had never stepped foot in it and no point - I mail my deposits (I don't know - just don't like ATM machines - creature of habit I guess). People usually look at me like I am quite weird if I mention this but in 15 years or so of mailing checks (sometimes weekly when I Was self-employed) no I never had a problem - they always arrived the next day - maybe 2 days once in a blue moon. But last year about things started taking 3-4 days. I finally got fed up and took the long awaited step of switching banks.

In the meantime, mail in the city has been very grand but anything sent outside of the city seems to take a good 10 days minimum. Not everything, but certainly enough to notice. You don't know how many angry ebay buyers I have had, I just beg them to check the postmark and it is always when I say. Plus some things I had bought took AGES. Other checks and bills, more rare, but often enough, disappear for 30 days.

So yes I have been complaining much about the mail lately, and this is why.

My last deposit did not arrive at my bank saturday - 2 days from mailing. Ack! So I guess the slowness has hit the city. The good thing is I was sick a couple of weeks back and we have a new chain of our bank down the street, so I had dh deliver my deposit for me that day - I had needed the money right away or something. I just can not get to the bank, I hate the ATM, I think I am just going to have dh start making deposits for me. At least while it is so busy.

Luckily with online bill pay I have little need to mail much these days. I just don't know what is going on with the mail. IF less people are using it, income is down, if that is it. Or has mail theft hit our local post office too? Gosh, you have to wonder - who knows.

That's my mail rant for the day - grrrrrr.

P.S. My whopping $200 is going to pay medical bills this month. It was like $900 but I owe the IRS $700 - so net $200. Just paying the IRS this week.

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