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Deep Freeze Heat Bill

February 2nd, 2007 at 07:05 am

Just a quickie because craziness abounds over here.

But I got the heat/gas bill and it was $116. Considering we had record low temps for well over a week, I am impressed. We have had worse.

& hopefully this does it. It has been warming up and I look forward to 3-5 months of slim gas or electric bills - it will get mild and we will rarely run the heat, until May or June when the heat wave hits and we start cranking the air. Woohoo. I am a little over budget this month with all the health costs, extra daycare, car repairs, etc., etc. But I decided to forge ahead with all my full savings goals. I know in the future months when our gas/electric bill goes down we will catch up. Right now I pay everything so early I will just push things a little later in payment until I catch up. No biggie. It's about how I usually do things. I know if I just save the full amount I intended to, the rest will work out.

If I have 5 more months like this though, I can't say. LOL. I even lost track of how much money we spent these last few days, and with how hectic it is, easy to pull up the cc and look overall, but I Am just going to start my spend updates over Feb. 1. Here's to a better February!!

Oh yeah, still no word from the last electric bill (have received 2 gas bills in the meantime- have separate companies). Logged onto my account last night - no bills, $0 balance. Well okay then. Something else I am not sure I really have the money for. In the meantime I think I have to start paying the preschool 1st of the month instead of before. Oh well. It is nice something so simple balances the budget - that is why I pay everything so darn early, so if I have a bad month, I can pay everything when due and not get behind - woohoo. Either that or my personal loan which has no due date. Hmmmm. Or the mortgage, or the utilities, or the cc payment. Many options, just don't want to screw up my system - since I divide each paycheck into the bills due.

I had wanted to build up a bit of a slush fund for this purpose with budget underages (is that a word? LOL) and intended to put aside $50 every month for car maintenance which is very reasonable. But having $250 in car bills in month 1 is not helping me!

Frankly my only real problem is being too aggressive in the savings, which really isn't a problem if you ask me. Wink

Well I have my first tax appointment today. & so it begins...

1 Responses to “Deep Freeze Heat Bill”

  1. kristinecfp Says:

    Happy tax season Monkey Mama! I had my first tax appointment last week. This week was pretty calm, but next week is booked.

    Glad it's warming up where you are. We've had the record lows, and they are expected to continue for a while. But thanks to new insulation last year and adding a digital thermostat, our bills have been reasonable.

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