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Free $0.70 but +$225 bill

December 16th, 2006 at 07:21 am

This is super cool. I have been reading about all these discount groceries and being able to double up coupons and such. Unfortunately around here none of this is allowed. No stores will double up coupons and there are none of the big discounters in our area. Bummer. so we mostly shop Bel Air. sounds fancy but they have recently revamped to be low cost leaders and they are for the most part.

But yesterday dh really scored at Safeway, they had a special a couple of weeks back where you bought 2 bags of chips (which is about the only junk we get, we would buy regardless) and get a free jar of cheese dipping sauce. THey had it again yesterday but the cheese sauce also had a $0.69 coupon. The cost was $3 so they gave him a $3 discount plus $0.69 for the coupon. Hey it is as close to a double coupon as we'll get any time soon - I thought that was COOL!!! They paid us $0.69 to take their cheese - hehe.

Oh, I must be in heaven - he also bought 3 pounds of pistachios!!!!!!! Yum! They were on sale - two 1.5 lb bags for $10 (vs. 1 for $10) and so he grabbed them. We have pistachios out our years and his total grocery bill which included MANY things was $75. $25 for pistachios and laundry detergent. So another week of eating at $50 overall. I am starting to get optimistic that this may be a good month. Only $200 on groceries to-date this month and we are going to be eating out a lot this week - on grandma. She is coming to watch the kids for dh's surgery (the big snip) this week so will probably pay for some take-out. Which is good since my cook won't be up to cooking. This weekend we are visiting grandma so a weekend of free food and such. So maybe we can do it. I would love 1 month of a $400 grocery bill no matter how much we have to cheat and have our way paid by grandma - hehe. Lately the more we try to cut it back the higher it gets - but dh has been really stocking up on things for sale, and it looks like it may pay off this month.

The bad is I just got my HMO bill for January - about $900. I Called last week to switch to a cheaper plan ($675/month) and they were to send me the forms. I just realized when I got the bill - never got the forms! Bah. Have to call again. I really don't want to pay this even for 1 month - just ridiculous. If I have to it will be $1k this month with dh's surgery. Not a pretty month for a house full of healthy people. Hopefully I can get this squared away before the 31st and the bill is due.

If not, my bills will no longer be AHEAD. Oh well, nice while it lasted. Can pay the preschool in January I guess. THey don't have a due date - I just like to pay it ahead for the month though she doesn't care how I pay it. If I have to pay the increased HMO amount this month, hopefully I Will get a refund next month and get it squared away.

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