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December 28th, 2011 at 06:00 pm

This is the worst week of the year for me, at work. April 15th isn't exactly easy, but we have several months to prepare. This is a 4-day workweek and it's all about the year-end CRUNCH. (Plus, heck, we just extend tax returns. Wink )

I think it's extra frustrating because everyone else has the week off and doesn't understand why one would be so busy. It's hard to deal with well-meaning friends who think I am just avoiding them or something. *sigh*

Anyway, I have no idea what it is because I try to go for the calm, relaxed, and low-key lifestyle. But someone recently commented that "my life was so busy." She is not the only one, but I don't really understand that impression.

BUT, today I worked non-stop for 10 hours, dealt with a ton of issues, and accomplished a ton. Plus took a couple of phone calls since I got home (from less organized or later sleeping co-workers - I went to work at dawn so I could leave at 5:00). *This* is busy. I feel like I have been going a million miles a minute all day.

Tomorrow and Friday probably won't be much better, but once it's done, it's done. Then I collapse! It's like a good warm up for tax season though - which starts next week. Er, I guess it really started last week - but the 3-day weekends confuse the issue a bit. Only 6-day workweeks starting next week, until May. So I look forward to the 3-day weekend before the craziness REALLY begins.

Of course, it's all relative. Came home by 5:15, had a nice dinner with the fam, and spent the evening watching Elf with the kids. Plenty of hours of down time - could be much worse. I usually have much more morning and noon time, is all. Definitely no lunches home this week...


Anyway, somewhat related, I read a really great post the other day:


"Ask yourself these things:

1. Food: How are you feeding yourself?
2. Rest: How are you sleeping?
3. Calm: How are you handling stress?
4. Activity: How are you moving (aka exercising)?

Yes, of course we need love and joy, laughter and fresh air. We need spiritual connection and mental stimulation and creativity and purpose. But the truth is, a chronically sleep-deprived mama living off of Diet Coke and cheese doodles is nowhere near as prepared to experience the kind of deep, vital, and vibrant life meant for her. To some degree, we simply must take care of the basics first."

These are words I personally live by.

I commented on the blog post too, because I have been noticing a lot lately how other "moms" don't seem terribly supportive when one chooses to focus on these four basics. I am personally a strong believer in taking care of myself, first. It's not a popular viewpoint with the mom crowd. Especially newer moms who are learning the ropes. There is a lot of "spend every moment with your kids, no time away or other hobbies allowed," and if you exercise and look good then the claws really come out...

Of course, this basic concept applies to anyone - man, woman, whoever. The blog I link just caters to moms, is all. It's hard to do much of anything if you don't take care of yourself first. No matter who you are!


I was also thinking about all this in terms of New Years goals. I have no New Years goals. I generally get a raise every Jan. 1 (since I started my job 1/1) and most our bills tend to go up Jan. 1. So, for me it is a time to review the past year financially and revise the budget for new numbers and think to new goals. Nice how it works out, I guess.

BUT, I am entering busy season at work so I have no other goals. "Survive tax season" just about covers it. OF course, the more sleep and exercise I get the easier it will be.

I just don't get the "Set a ton of goals at once" mentality. & of course I watch my friends fail at the same pile of goals every single year. I am sure it works for some, but I have always followed the approach of "one thing at a time." I am all about the "one thing at a time." It REALLY works. You accomplish one big goal and set a good habit, and then you move on to the next one. IT certainly does not happen overnight.

8 Responses to “BUSY!”

  1. ThriftoRama Says:

    I get it. I have a busy rush around the holidays as well, simple because so many people go on vacation, and the newspaper still has to be printed, so all of us journalist geeks have to do twice as many interviews and photo shoots just to make sure we have something to put in the paper while everyone else is relaxing in their jammies! People think I'm avoiding them too. Sorry, the news doesn't stop for holidays!

  2. monkeymama Says:

    Ah, someone who can relate! Big Grin
    I Was just having the most frustrating conversation with a friend, trying to get together. "You have to work this week and are totally slammed? Let's get together Friday morning, then." *Bangs head* Of course, I know it's bad because when dh's mom started on the "She has to work Friday???? ALL DAY?!?" - last weekend - dh just held the phone away from his ear, looked at me, and rolled his eyes. LOL. IT's one thing to realize the world doesn't revolve around me and people don't remember, but it's another thing when you have the same conversation every year for 10 years. & it is so shocking and horrible every single time. Well, maybe MIL is a little melodramatic.

  3. ThriftoRama Says:

    I wouldn't know anything about melodramatic MILs. Smile

    Mine was mad that I was neglecting her and the FIL. I had to spend a couple hours finishing an article on Fri. the 23rd, the day they arrived. The deadline was Monday, so it was either that or work on Christmas!

    People really don't understand how newspapers work anyway, so I'm kind of used to it, but still, I've been married to their son for 10 years and every year it is the same. You'd think they'd remember, instead of trying to make me feel bad.

    Hmmm. re-reading that, maybe we are living parallel lives!

  4. baselle Says:

    Feel for you - we have a little burp of busy-ness in the non-profit land coming from gifts that need to be booked to be tax substantiated. Along with the pledges that are coming in and will be coming in for the next couple of months. But I like working these days - some of the co workers that give me grief are off so I feel like I can dig in and get 'er done. The lunch restaurants are also quiet too ... so quiet that everybody is happy to see you, like the downtown workers this time of year are in a secret club.

  5. monkeymama Says:

    @Baselle - I was thinking last week I rather be at work than running around like crazy doing Christmas stuff. IT's definitely not all bad! Which probably doesn't help my annoyance factor when everyone goes on and on how horrible it is. IT really isn't that horrible. Wink
    @Thriftorama - yes - more parallel life stuff! Too funny.

  6. CB in the City Says:

    I'm with baselle -- the end of the year is very busy for those who must book the year-end donations. Thank goodness I am not one of those who has to do the processing, but I feel for my colleagues who are at work today, even though the College is closed.

    A friend told me everyone waits till the last minute because they want to get all the interest they can, but c'mon! How much can it be in these times?

    I say, give before Christmas, so the poor gift processors can have a holiday, too.

  7. monkeymama Says:

    "I say, give before Christmas, so the poor gift processors can have a holiday, too."

    Reminds me, I made a Jan. 1 donation last year (maybe multiple) and I received receipts dated 12/31, year prior. Rolleyes I was so annoyed because that was not my intent. & tsk tsk to TAX FRAUD, something I have no tolerance for. But, yeah, I realized most people wait to the last minute and that is what they were catering too.

    I think to be fair - many wait until the last minute for tax planning. I am the one telling my clients on 12/31, "um, since you got that huge DEPOSIT today, either you pay the IRS or donate a chunk to charity." Many choose charity. So I think a lot of that is related to why I am working so hard. IT's my fault! Wink But, you can't do meaningful tax planning until income is received and accounted for, which is why it gets so down to the wire. These years have been easier because more businesses have losses. So fewer last minute tax moves or tax payments due. Phew!

  8. dmontngrey Says:

    I work in payroll/HR and I don't know whether to cry/quit/whatever right now. I understand!!! I absolutely hate holidays when it comes to my job - especially Christmas and New Year's. I sure don't get to enjoy the holidays when they make my life hell the rest of the time. Today is my ONLY day to get stuff done that HAS to be done - and I'm doing nothing but putting out fires.

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