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April 15th, 2018 at 06:01 am

The Black Cloud still remains at work. It is so beyond ridiculous that I wouldn't even know where to begin. Everyone but me seems to be in the middle of a full on crisis. & the bombs keep dropping.

Surprisingly enough, the work side of things is going pretty well. I anticipated infinite more problems. A lot of my fear (besides the sheer insanity of the workload) was spurred by having a rough tax season last year and clients NOT being understanding at all. In this case, clients have been TOO understanding. I am not aware of losing even a single client. ??? But it's been okay if they are being super understanding in the interim. & I do expect that some of these clients will move on next year, which might things more bearable. I understand why people told at the very last minute just stayed, but doesn't mean they will be back next year.

We will "Survive" though no doubt my customer service and quality of work has decreased. It's at an okay level, that I can probably live with, but would not be happy for the long run. I have no one to hand off any busy work to. Our admin was told by a doctor last weekend she should be home on bed rest for the week. She came in to work because she knew the place would fall apart without her. The workaholic in my office is super human and I have no idea how he did all the work he did. None of this is sustainable. & it's a horrible first impression re: new employer.
My old employer would have never done this to us.

But...Everything on the work side has gone pretty smooth. Phew! Lord forbid if any of our clients had any complex tax issues though. We just wouldn't have had the time to deal with it.

I haven't quit yet because I'd say most tax offices have far worse hours than I've dealt with this year. I don't mind taking my time and finding the right fit, but I doubt I Will be happy with the hours in any similar type firm. For now, I am just waiting it out. If we go back to 9-5 the rest of the year, and next year we have more of a plan and is a little less chaos, may be worth staying (more short term). Just don't know. I am job searching but am not considering similar jobs at the moment because of the hours. If my only complaint is the hours, it's realistically just going to be worse anywhere else.

As to all of the work to cover for my old boss, it was surprisingly clean and easy, and it's all DONE. As I come up on tax deadline (April 17th this year) I am just dealing with my usual flakes. I am relieved not to have any new clients in my "last minute flake" list.

What's been bad at work has been the (lack of) communication and leadership. Unbearable, really. I almost applied for a job last week. Looking back, I worked almost 70 hours this past week and no idea how I would have done it (a job interview). It's for the best that I put a pin on that. If I want to get out I really need to be more prepared when I do apply. But I had just had ENOUGH one day the prior week. I think I've been clear all along that I know this is how it ends. But I came to some 100% certainty last week that I can't keep this job.

What's making it worse is that our lowest level employee thinks she is in charge now. ??? We all ignore her, but unfortunately she keeps bossing around our awesome admin. I don't know WTF is wrong with her. Yeah, great, drive away all the awesome employees. Just what we need! But if she is kind of sort of her superior then it makes it more awkward for the admin. I talked to our awesome admin earlier this week and she was just DONE! She was in the exact head space I was the week prior. I think all else being equal she would have resigned April 1 or will resign tomorrow, but her husband just had some big life changes and wants her to find a higher paying job. Just to say her ability to just quit, has suddenly changed, financially. But she is going to end up in the hospital if she doesn't take care of herself.

MH thinks that lowest level employee is just trying to make herself relevant. Not really sure what she does and she seems more useless than usual this year. I think she's been doing a lot of work with the changeover. This is actually some of my zen as we approach April 15th, because anything important that I needed done, I routed around this person. (She keeps letting tax returns pile up in her office for days, which is driving everyone CRAZY. She's always been this way, but you know, yesterday was April 14th!). So yesterday I heard a lot of, "Where the F is the tax return I finished 10 days ago?!" going around the office. I even looked through her pile to see if any of my clients got caught up in it and none of them were mine. Phew! Glad I anticipated and worked around that mess.

I wouldn't even know where to begin, in her attempts to be "helpful". It's all the complete opposite of helpful.

In the end, my other co-worker (we are a package deal at this point) is feeling pretty optimistic and she talked me off the ledge. I am going to document my concerns though because I want to be clear and don't want to forget anything if anyone ever asks me for my input. I think the writing is clearly on the wall. But if this co-worker is positive and workaholic is super human, I can take the excellent paycheck while I figure out my next steps. I may have a good 7 months to take my time with the job search.

I feel endlessly conflicted because this was my "dream job" before. Of course it would be best and good to wait and give new employer a chance, but all first impressions have been horrible. That ship has sailed. Instead, I am just sticking around for the paycheck while I figure out my next job.

My plan for now is to switch to 9-5 mode on May 1. I have too much deadline work to get through the next two weeks. But after that, I am just putting in the bare minimum. I will also be very seriously job searching. It seems that it will take time to find something that pays so well, but if I do find something where the work/pay/hours look good, I am definitely willing to jump at this point.

{Note: Old employer only worked about 3 months of the year, and so we don't have to shoulder his workload the rest of the year. That part is done, to be clear}.

Mentally, I checked out last week. & I can walk away mid May, tying up most loose ends. So I am ready to apply for jobs.

I do also have a week off planned in May, which is good for my sanity. More on that in my next post.

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