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February 8 & 9

February 10th, 2016 at 08:39 am

February 9:
-0- Spending
Dinner: Chicago-Style Pan Pizza

February 8:
$12 lunch out w/friend
$ 7 movie (dh allowance purchase, for his movie collection)*
Dinner: Korean Beef Bowl & Roasted Cauliflower

*Did I ever mention that my dh likes movies? Big Grin

My lunch out (Chinese) created 2 days of lunch leftovers. I might take the 2nd day of leftovers home today for dh or the kids.

We were all hoping to go to a free advanced movie screening last night but we never got an invite. Still figuring how this website works. (We've pretty much gotten invites to everything else that has been publicized). It was never a given that we'd all get in anyway, so I just looked forward to reading instead. But dh bombarded me with TV instead. We had some movie to watch that he told me expired in a few days. (A rental? I had not realized it was going to expire). So I caved since we had planned to go to the movies otherwise. We watched "All Things Must Pass: The Rise and Fall of Tower Records". I was initially feeling pretty bummed because my dad used to take me to Tower records every weekend. Is where I spent most my money as a kid. IT's how and where I learned to manage my money. (For our kids, it's apps and video games). Kind of a sad nostalgia for me, that it's all gone now. But in the end the movie was really pretty interesting and summed up a lot of what we learned in business school. Tower Records does still live on in Japan. That part I like!

We also started watching the Eugene Mirman comedy special on Netflix. I think he is now my favorite comedian. !! Definitely a good TV night. (We didn't finish the special since it was getting late, but will probably have time tonight).

Today I am not planning to spend money. Dh has a meeting with the school and then it's Science Fair night for the middle school. I think it's a "too busy to spend" kind of day and dh planned a crockpot meal.

Edited to add: Might do a grocery run today. LM has discovered "salad" and ate all of our salad. & we could probably use some bread for school lunches.

1 Responses to “February 8 & 9”

  1. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    What a good thing for LM to discover. Smile

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