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February 7

February 8th, 2016 at 06:41 am

February 7:
$135 Groceries/Household
$ 30 Haircuts (x2)
$ 2 Amazon (TV show streaming)
$ 17 Movie (Dh allowance purchase)
Dinner: Chicken Satay & Brussel Sprouts

I mostly thought February was pretty boring and we didn't have much planned. But... This week is kind of crazy! Just a lot of stuff going on.

I was also thinking that we may have the lowest gas spend month ever. We had no plans to go out of town, coupled with low gas prices. But I was wrong. Dh mentioned yesterday they were nailing down next weekend as an "out of town getting together with friends" date. (They had been planning this weekend but the Superbowl was local and they decided it was best to try another weekend). Also, since time is flying by lightning fast, we hadn't even realized the kids have a week off next week. I mean, we knew, but we didn't realize it was here already. Initially his work said they were cool with dh just taking that week off. But his mom asked if the kids had the week off and she wanted to take them. So anyway, dh and I went for a walk yesterday when we discussed this and I was wondering if he could kill two birds with one stone as to all this driving. There is a slight possibility that dh can meet his friends and parents around the halfway mark. If he meets closer to home with his friends I guess it doesn't matter so much. They have not decided where to meet, but the others live more around the halfway point. Either way we will probably only drive half way to drop off kids, but will also have to do the same to get them back, eventually.

Oh, and while the kids are gone dh wants to go to the movies. We do have a movie gift card and I have a restaurant gift card so maybe we will make use of that with the free babysitting next week.

Today I plan to spend money because I am meeting a friend for lunch.

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