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So, On October 6th...

September 6th, 2012 at 02:03 pm

"So, On October 6th..."

This is what dh says to me a few minutes ago. & I laughed before he even finished the sentence.

What is on October 6th? One of the most awesome concerts of all time - and it's FREE. Of course!! {Les Claypool, a favorite local band who recently came out of retirement, and a favorite new band we have just really gotten into - plus others as it is a whole festival thing).

I mentioned that the stars were aligned to everything fun and cool in October, and that we turned down several things already, due to our Florida trip, and there is only so many things you can do in one month.

But, seriously?!? (We will be in Florida, so oh well!)

We are also waiting for the artist lineup for one of our favorite annual benefit concerts. I personally haven't been in a long time, but I am getting the feeling that it will be a pretty awesome lineup this year. I just told dh the other day, "You know we are SO going!" Don't know any details (aside from dates), but the writing is on the wall - we will want to go.

So what's next? Bring it on universe. Taunt me with all the cool things I can't possibly do within the earthly limits of space, time, and money. Big Grin

I find it extra funny because it seems like we have had a whole lotta *nothing* going on this year, otherwise. Maybe one cool thing here or there, but never 5 things in one weekend.

2 Responses to “So, On October 6th...”

  1. Swimgirl Says:

    It's always like that for us, too. We had four completely free weekends this summer. And then BOOM! A whole summer's worth of activities all happening over the course of 12 days. Crazy.

  2. Looking Forward Says:

    Don't you love that? All the fun stuff on one weekend. Rolleyes

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