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Pay Day!

June 1st, 2012 at 07:09 am

**Half the time I forget it is payday. I don't have everything on automatic pilot, but most my bills are paid enough ahead of time that it is a rather non-event. I rather *get to it when I get to it* than trip over myself every payday, I guess what it comes down to.

But, I am very happy that today is payday, because boy do I have some BILLS to pay.

I will pay off the Chase Sapphire card and our regular credit card (basically just furniture purchases). I already funded ROTH for June (had some cash) and paid off the other reward credit card (a whopping $20).

NEXT payday I can pay off the Citi.

The non-credit-card bills are already set to pay - there aren't that many. Just glad to get all those red negatives out of Quicken (red negative = credit card balance).

Now we just wait for rewards. Should be $1200 to redeem this month!

I think the second we get our rewards, we will just close them all. DONE! Then it is done and over and I don't have to ever think about any of these credit cards again. I like it simple. There are no new cards on the horizon, so I expect by 6/30 to have all cards paid, all rewards redeemed, and all cards cut up and closed. Rewards can be slow sometimes, but here is to hoping.

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