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Progress & 50/50

March 1st, 2012 at 08:00 pm

**It's hard to imagine being squeaky is helping at all, but when I asked what the hell was going on with my refi, I Was assigned to someone else (though not given any sort of date).

She e-mailed me the next day (today) and asked for everything all over again. Unfortunately, I had everything but my last pay stub (which I eventually found at home though sent an urgent e-mail to my boss to ask for it, just in case).

I sent her everything else within minutes of getting her e-mail. I don't know if this is progress? OR starting from square one.

I imagine if I hadn't been so squeaky no one would be looking at my file right now. Which is sad because it's been about 90 days since I Was approved.

I think we are used to being at the front of the pack because we are so *easy* but I think the problem is people have so many pressing real estate problems that we just got pushed aside, this time. That's all I can figure.

Yeah, I will be badgering this person far more than I did the last.


We also got our new garage door opener today.

When all was said and done we paid close to $750 for the opener and installation, all new parts, etc. Replaced everything but the door? I had asked my dad for an opinion if we should fix it or replace it, a while ago. He said: "replace before it breaks." So when the guy came today and said we should really spend $400 replacing this and that, dh called my dad and discussed it with him. My dad approved, and he is cheap and skeptical as hell, so that pretty much says everything there is about that.

Then the guy tried to sell dh a $1500 garage door. LOL. Because the thing is, the opener is a lot quieter, but the door is dang loud. BUT, I notice a substantial difference. It's fine. & of course dh was, "Like hell I am going to spend $1500 to replace a perfectly good door." I am of the same mind...

I was extraordinarily blase about this whole thing. I Was thinking maybe we should have just asked our neighbor to install it. But the problem is he refuses to really charge us anything (though he is looking for handy work) and then I feel bad. So my attitude was, well, we paid about $30 to fix our gutters last year (neighbor), and we paid $750 for all this. Guess it evens out. Though I much rather have paid all that money to our neighbor.

& I am well aware we spent a little more for speed and convenience and not having to dig through the internet searching for recommendations, licenses and BBB reports. We just went with Sears. I suppose we had the luxury because I spent the last few major maintenance times doing all that due diligence and getting rock bottom deals. This was *it's the middle of tax season - I am paying more just to get it done!*


Dh and I watched 50/50 last night.

It's about a very young guy with spinal cancer. We had seen the trailer what felt like not too long after dh's brain surgery. We went to the movies and that was they joy we get to watch? I had absolutely no desire to watch it - way too close to home. {In fact, I had recalled it was about a brain tumor - I recalled wrong}.

So, it came out on Blu Ray recently and dh mentioned it. I said, you know, I think I can handle it now. I don't think I could have watched it last year.

So, we watched it. I have mixed feelings on it. Extraordinarily well done. & though it was about cancer, we could so identify with the story line on so many levels.

On the flip side, it was kind of crude and they had this whole like American Pie side story. We were trying to watch it with the kids around and the language was just filthy. I decided we couldn't recommend it to our parents. So, for that, it was a shame.

But the lead actor was *excellent.* Watch him, ignore the rest, and you have an excellent movie.

The take away? You go through something like that - you know who your true friends are. Amen.

1 Responses to “Progress & 50/50”

  1. LuckyRobin Says:

    Don't you just hate it when they ruin would could be a perfectly wonderful movie all on its own with that kind of filth? It really annoys me, even when the most I am paying to watch the movie is $1.30. It's just so unnecessesary.

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