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Bills Paid

February 10th, 2012 at 06:44 am

Still trying to keep +$4000 in the bank to please the refinance people. I usually run my checking account to $0, so it is driving me a little nuts. I did lose out on $3 interest this past month. Plus, hard to worry about checking account being defrauded when there is nothing in there to take. It just makes me feel uncomfortable to have so much cash sitting in there.

Anyway, I double checked when my credit card bill is due. I usually pay it around pay day (16th) but it is apparently not due until the 2nd or the 3rd (I forget already). SO, I just set it to automatically pay on the 28th. Not sure I've ever cut a credit card payment so close, but it is electronic, and I am sure it will be fine. I just usually allow WEEKS to avoid any issues. I get paid on the first, so this should please the refinance people (by mostly keeping my balance high, except for one day or so when credit card is paid). Lord knows when they will ever finish this refi.

If this year continues on a good financial path (Knock on wood!) then I think our primary goal will be getting a bit ahead of the curve on our finances. #1 - I mentioned we will try to get our ROTHs funded on a calendar year basis. #2 - I might start paying bills earlier. (Built in savings/float). I am sure I am farther ahead of the curve than most, as is. BUT, we have also been putting bills on our credit card to push them off a month, etc., to build up savings faster. So, there is still room for improvement. Since I don't like having a lot of cash sitting around, I am thinking of just pushing the bills earlier. I should probably try to pay the credit cards around the end of the month that I am charging (at least have the money ready though I wouldn't pay the bill until I knew the final amount for the month). Maybe I can also start paying the mortgage ahead of time. That is $3000 right there. That would be an automatic *$3000 emergency fund,* if I am paying both of those 30 days before they are due. I admit that charging up the credit cards but not paying the bill for a good 30 days makes me a little uncomfortable. I've been doing it for YEARS, but I will be pleased when I have the money ready ahead of time (& wouldn't have to tap into savings to pay last month's bills, if something happened).

I have lots of lofty goals this year, so WILL SEE.

2 Responses to “Bills Paid”

  1. baselle Says:

    I'm the same way - I prefer to have just enough in my checking for my needs and put the rest where it can do something other than creating a show. I think you've got savings theater here.

    How long do you think you have to keep up appearances?

  2. MonkeyMama Says:

    What do you mean? How long until the refinancers tell me I only really owe $2k and I Can put the rest back into my savings account at least earning interest? "Lord knows..." Wink They told me 3 weeks, I have no idea the truth to that statement. The longer it is the less of my cash they will need (less interest due and more principal paid). I already knocked off almost $2000 principal since I applied for refi. I am hoping the show is over before March 1. Wink
    Of course, since it is taking forever, I could tell them I want my new loan to be $199k instead of $200k, or just go with whatever my old loan balance is when it finalizes, BUT, I kind of am going with *the less demanding I am, the better.* If I Want this done this month? I have no demands...

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