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Good Grief!

February 9th, 2012 at 05:37 pm

Maybe January was just extra crazy, but I was just telling dh this morning that I didn't really work the last two Janaries (with us both having surgery). I think it is the lack of sunlight that is bogging me down more than anything. & I don't really remember the dark and the long hours (the double whammy!)

Last night I left work pretty late and the sun was out when I left. Yay!

This morning when I went to shower I didn't need to turn on the light - more sunlight. The natural light made me ecstatic.

Of course, I drove home for lunch and the day was GORGEOUS.

I spent the afternoon thinking how it would be summer in no time and by the way, seems awfully HOT in here. The weather didn't seem to say it was a freak 80-degree day or anything like that (was only 66?) and so I looked at the thermostat in my office.

77F! Holy cow.

Considering that we keep our house between 60 and 68, this time of year, it was a little hot to say the least. It started to feel humid, which was when I noticed. Thermostat is all messed up - I turned on the air.

Of course, if this sunny weather keeps up, we won't need to run the heat at home. I don't think we did the last 2 days. Thermostat maybe said 64 when I woke up and 68 when I went to bed, yesterday. The sun naturally warms the house a bit.

Well, I am not a fan of a humid 77 degrees in doors, but I do admit it lifted my spirits. Made me feel like it was closer to May than February. Wink

9 more weeks of tax season? Closer to May is good for my sanity. So, I wish!

1 Responses to “Good Grief!”

  1. pretty cheap jewelry Says:

    yep, it was a crazy near 80 here. Gotta get in our heads THIS is the summer weather and in July is the SPRING stuff so stop trying to go to the beach in JULY!!! dagnabbit

    hee hee just noticed your **personal** goal to wear earrings everyday. Hope it is getting accomplished. Mascara here almost 50% of the time, a little blush too. Really does make an improvement, gotta keep it up myself.

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