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Rewards Update

October 17th, 2011 at 07:37 pm

I just e-mailed Chase about dh's Southwest card because though his statement shows he earned 20,000 points, 2 weeks ago, they have yet to transfer them over to Southwest so we can redeem them. We need those Amazon gift cards for our kindle fire purchase!

Kind of annoying because it took them a few days to transfer mine, but certainly didn't take THIS long. So I know from experience it shouldn't be this long.

In other news, Chase has cut me a $99 check, and it should be here any day.

Adding the unexpected $200 for closing cards, we are at:

$1230 cash (Chase Sapphire $1030 + Chase Frdm $200)
$1265 gift cards (Citi $500 + SW $515 + SW $250)
$ 500 deposit to ROTH (Fidelity Am Ex)
$100 gift cards Citi for trying to close card
$300 gift cards Citi (may change some for cash)
-$99 annual fee (SW card)
+$99 annual fee refunded when closed card
-$69 Fee (SW card)
*Will they refund this one too?*
-$23 lost value for exchanging some Citi gift cards for cash and amazon gift cards
$3303 TOTAL



Waiting to redeem $250 Amazon gift cards from Southwest. Should be any day.

Will need to wait 1-2 months for Citi $100 bonus for not closing card just yet.

I should be able to redeem $300 Citi reward in about 2 weeks. I will pay it this off next month - I am charging $1500 this month - only made 3 charges to get there - all the rest of the cards are paid off.

I also earned $100 cash back on Fidelity AmEx since I last updated.

Clearly, most the hard work is done.

1 Responses to “Rewards Update”

  1. Looking Forward Says:

    WHOOHOO! Big Grin

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